Using Dynamic Lighting As A Player


Your Game Master has constructed a harrowing dungeon- rife with monsters, twists, and turns! To keep your GM’s mysteries alive, we’ve built Dynamic Lighting. With Dynamic Lighting, you’ll only ever see what your Character (Token) sees. This immersive experience is set up by your GM, but we’ve made a guide for players to make sure they’re ready to explore!

1. Check Your System Settings

We recommend checking out our System Recommendations page for Dynamic Lighting, to make sure your device meets performance requirements. If it doesn’t, you may have issues seeing your token, or even getting Roll20 to load. In particular, making sure Hardware Acceleration is enabled for your browser can drastically improve the performance of Dynamic Lighting. If you have a lower performing system, asking your GM not to use explorer mode can help conserve computer resources.

2. Check Token Settings With Your GM

Your GM is in charge of your token settings, and if you’re unable to see the map, or are seeing too much of the map, having your GM check your token settings is the first step!

  • If you can’t see anything, ask your GM to check and make sure your token vision is enabled.
  • If you can’t see in the dark, and you’re supposed to, ask your GM to enable nightvision for you.
  • Your GM can check out our Dynamic Lighting Checklist to make sure they're setting up their maps and tokens correctly! 

3. Using Windows + Doors

Windows and doors: the adventuring party’s biggest foe. Luckily, using them on Roll20 is a piece of cake! If your GM has placed a window or door on the map, you can simply left-click on it to open it. Both open doors and open windows can be moved through, so don't be afraid to get creative! 

Quick Dynamic Lighting Glossary For Players

Vision Types: 

Update On Token Drop
With this mode activated, your token will not show any new sights when it's been clicked and dragged until it is dropped again. If your GM has this mode active, they're probably trying to make your choices matter in a big way!
This mode allows player tokens to see, even in the dark! If your character is supposed to have this ability, ask your GM about enabling this mode.
Nocturnal Vision
This is a new mode that mimics DnD5e and PF2e rules for Darkvision. When enabled, tokens will have Low Light in No Light areas, and Low Light areas will appear Brightly Lit.

Lighting Types: 

Explorer Mode
This allows you to view places you've already explored in greyscale. If it's not active, any place you cannot currently see will be black.
Permanent Darkness
This kind of darkness must be manually removed by the GM in order for the players can see. Don't worry, your computer isn't broken! .
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