Dungeon Masters Guild and Community Content Converted for Roll20

You are now able to access some of the most beloved Dungeon Masters Guild content as instantly playable adventures directly within the VTT. These assets have been designed to save you time and make your games more immersive.

The Roll20's VTT conversions break PDFs into maps, macros, rollable tables, and GM Layers available directly in your games. For Plus/Pro users will also notice maps filled with Dynamic Lighting for added suspense! GMs and Players can also access the Charactermancer that guides character creation. The Charactermancer will include support for the Tactician class on day one with many more classes, subclasses, races, backgrounds, and more coming throughout 2023.

You can check out specific products in the Roll20 VTT collection on Dungeon Masters Guild and see details on what exactly each product includes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will [title name] be converted for Roll20?

We are working through a backlog of all the fantastic Dungeon Masters Guild content and adventures. If you're excited about a specific title coming to Roll20 contact the creator and let them know! If you'd like to keep up with product release announcements you can subscribe to the Dungeon Masters Guild newsletter or follow on Twitter! (Dungeon Masters Guild | Roll20)

How can I buy Roll20 VTT Converted content?

You can visit the Dungeon Masters Guild collection of Roll20 converted content here. During checkout you will be prompted to enter your Roll20 account email (or create a new Roll20 account). Once your order is complete you will see a confirmation message (shown below).

The links of the confirmation will direct you to your marketplace items on Roll20. If you are not currently logged in, you will be prompted to do so and will need to navigate directly to marketplace items.


If I own non-VTT Converted items for a title already on Dungeon Masters Guild, will the VTT converted version automatically unlock on my Roll20 account?

No. As VTT conversions are effectively new items they will require an additional purchase of the corresponding VTT converted item. However, you will receive a discount for bundles on items from a title you already own.

How do I access the discount for the Roll20 VTT conversion?

To access the discount look for the bundles on Dungeon Masters Guild which include the PDF and Roll20 versions of the title. If you already own the PDF, the bundle will be discounted effectively granting you a discount on the Roll20 VTT conversion.

If you do not own either format, you will also get a discount for buying a complete bundle.

How do I access my Dungeon Masters Guild PDFs?

At this time, PDF purchases are not directly available through the Roll20 VTT. To include these in your game you will need to download the PDF from Dungeon Masters Guild and then upload it to Roll20.

How do I access and use Roll20 VTT conversions I bought for online play?

You can visit https://roll20.net/, log in to your account, and create a new game from your new module(s) on the My Items page. You can also access newly required art packs, token marker sets, and compendium data from inside the VTT.


What do I do if I don't see the content in the My Items page?

First, double check that your order was completed and delivered by reviewing Order Information on the associated Dungeon Masters Guild, DriveThruRPG, or its affiliated sites. Your Order History will indicate whether your order was delivered successfully, or how to try again if something went wrong.


If you continue to experience issues, please contact Dungeon Masters Guild Support directly here being sure to include your Order Number and how you would like this to be resolved.

How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, please contact Dungeon Masters Guild Support directly here.

Creating Dungeon Masters Guild Content

I am inspired, I want to publish on Dungeon Masters Guild! How do I get started?

Follow this guide to getting started on Dungeon Masters Guild. Once you are ready you will be able to join over 25,000 publishers and creators in the Roll20 network!

I am already a Dungeon Masters Guild creator. How do I publisher a Roll20 conversion?

For information on converting existing titles from Dungeon Masters Guild you can check out our guide here.

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