Roll20 Mobile App BETA

NOTE: While the Roll20 Mobile App BETA is now available to all users, we’ll have a limited number of seats available in the beta test program. JOIN NOW!

The Roll20 will be launching a new Mobile App that is focused on enhancing in-person play! With this app, players will have access to their Roll20 character sheets on their mobile devices. Upon full release, players will not only be able to reference their Roll20 character sheets but also interact with them.

During the Beta, our team will be focused on the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition system, and optimizing the D&D 5E by Roll20 character sheet for mobile viewing and interactivity. However, the Development Team plays a variety of games; let them know what you'd like to see in the Mobile Product Board as well.


Joining the Beta

Joining the Beta and accessing the app is simple! Follow the steps below to receive your invitation via email and then download the app.

Requesting an Invite to the Beta

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click "Sign In"
  3. Sign in with your account information
  4. Select "Android" or "Apple" as a device type
  5. Input your email address (See Below)
Android Apple / iOS
Make sure you enter the email address associated with your Google Play App account -- This may be different from your email! Apple's TestFlight service will send you further instructions with an invitation to the Beta. It is not necessary that this email matches your Apple ID's email address. You may accept TestFlight invitations using any Apple ID, but only once.


Installing and Accessing the App


  1. Once you hit "Request Invites", you will be prompted to Open the Play Store or you can follow the link in your invite to open the Google Play Store 
  2. Download the app
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and log in using your account information

Apple / iOS

  1. After hitting "Request Invites", install the TestFlight app on your chosen iOS device
  2. Open invitation email received from Signing Up for the Beta
  3. Click the "View in TestFlight" button within the email.
  4. Download the app
  5. Once downloaded, open the app and log in using your account information


General Features

  • Browse Campaigns 
  • View your Roll20 Character Sheets
  • Roll and interact with sheets optimized for use on the Mobile BETA app

Help Us Build a Better App

  • Check out our Product Board for more information, to submit feedback, and to vote for future improvements, features and character sheets you'd like to see.
  • Report any bugs you may encounter through this web form

Roll20 Character Sheets Optimized for our Mobile BETA app

Current Limitations

During Beta, the current build allows users to see the character sheets assigned to them and send rolls to the chat from the app only. It is not an alternative to the browser-based virtual tabletop (VTT).

Right now, players and GM have the same views on the app! GMs will not automatically see all the character sheets as they would on the VTT. Characters must be assigned to a user to be viewable to the user on the app.

Lastly, sheets other than D&D 5E by Roll20 will experience visual and/or technical issues if they are not formatted for mobile viewing on the app.

Available Languages

  • English


Beta Questions

Q: How do I sign up for the Roll20 Mobile beta? 

A: Just head on over at, sign in, and complete the steps to get yourself signed-up and playing with the mobile app!

Q: How long is this mobile beta for?

A: The beta version of the app will be around even after we ship a full-release app as a way for our Pro subscribers to get special access to new features making their way down the line.

Q: When can free/plus users access the mobile beta?

A: The beta will only be available to Pro subscribers. Free/Plus subscribers will have access to the Roll20 Mobile App with the full release.

Q: How do I get access to the mobile beta for my players?

A: They will also have to be Pro users in order to access the beta.

Q: Will you have an beta for all users (outside of Testflight)?

A: Currently the beta is only available to Pro subscribers via Apple Testflight and Google Play store.

Q: Can I invite people into games via the mobile app?

A: This feature isn’t included at the moment, but be sure to keep an eye on our product board for an idea of some (not all!) of what we’re working on.

Q: Is the app for this account the same as what I use on the Roll20 website?

A: Yep, you use your Roll20 Account information to log in to the Roll20 Mobile App. 


Roll20 App Features

Q: When will compendium be available?

A: This feature isn’t included in the app at the moment, but these are on our roadmap and will be included as development continues.

Q: Can I view the map / Journal / Jukebox?

A: These features aren’t included in this release, but be sure to keep an eye on our product board for an idea of some of what we’re working on next.

Q: Can I use Macros I have made in the app / Rollable Tables / Card Decks?

A: These features aren’t included at the moment.

Q: Can I stream video/voice through the app? Can I use the mobile app to chat?

A: Still a-ways out from including these features. We’ll let you know as development progresses.

Q: Can I use the mobile app to make simple rolls without a sheet? (i.e. rolling 2d10)

A: Not at the moment, but this is specifically something we’re close to being done on.

Q: Can I look at the history of rolls or chat?

A: Again, not at the moment, but this is being considered for the app’s development.


General Character Sheet Features

Q: When is combat/equipment/spells going to be implemented?

A: There’s a lot of moving parts we’re working on in this area, and you can view our product board here to see where we’re at with development at the moment. You can also vote on what’s most meaningful to you in order to help shape our development plans.

Q: Can I use the Charactermancer?

A: Not at the moment, but we’ll be bringing new features to the app as development continues.

Q: Where are things like Personality Traits/Ideals/Bonds/Flaws/Bio?

A: Not yet. These are on our roadmap and will be included as development continues.

Q: Can I edit my character in the app?

A: Not as of yet, this will also be worked on in the course of future development.

Q: Are systems other than D&D5e going to be supported?

A: Yep! No specific dates or systems announced for that yet, but we want to make sure we get the D&D5e sheet nailed down first to better support other systems moving forward. Again, you can view our product board here to keep up with us on where we’re going next.

Q: Why is my initiative not being sent to the tracker?

A: Initiative rolls do not go directly to the tracker currently. This is something that we are going to address in the future.



Q: I’ve encountered a bug / something ain’t working right!

A: Thanks for finding it! We’d like to ask you to grab screenshots from in-app that help illustrate the problem you’ve found, and what version of the app you’re using. Afterwards, you should be able to scroll down in-app and report the bug there, where we’ll do our best to assist you.

Q: I’m a GM & this is made for players. What am I supposed to test or use here?

A: The app in it’s current incarnation is primarily player-focused. As a GM, you can potentially use this as a tool to help and to experience the app from a player’s perspective.

Q: What operating systems and devices are supported?

A: We support devices running Android 7.0 and up and iOS devices running iOS 14 and up.

Q: Can I use this app offline?

A: Nope, this needs online functionality just like the web app does. We are looking at implementing offline features potentially in the future, though.

Q: What is the goal of this app?

A: Provide a second screen to interact with the VTT, to Enable in person gaming, and to help in accommodating for those who do not have a desktop or laptop to be able to play games on Roll20.

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