2017 Change Log


December 12, 2017

New Game Management Queue System

  • Tasks such as adding a Module to a game, adding Addons to a game, creating copies of a game, and the patching of Addons/Modules have all been moved to the same web host that rollbacks are currently being served on. This takes them out of the main site traffic to make these processes run faster.
  • Implementing this change alters how the Create New Game process works. Instead of jumping straight into the Virtual Tabletop after clicking on the I'm ready, Create Game! button, your browser will be directed to the new game's Details Page.
  • The button "Join Game" has had its text changed to "Launch Game" so that the terminology is more universally understood by the game creator and the players.

Full changelog: [52]

September 26, 2017

Fog & Function Update

Full changelog: [51]

March 8th, 2017

  • Pay To Play tag added for LFG listings in the LFG Tool
    • Changes made to Pay to Play posting on the LFG Forum
  • LFG forum Captchas
  • Marketplace Changes and Improvements
  • New Tabletop Audio track added and one more updated
  • Currently working on WebRTC fix
  • Currently working alongside Fanburst for a fix with Jukebox issue

Full changelog: [50]

February 2nd, 2017

  • Game Default Settings are now available for Pages, Tokens, and Character Sheets
    • An Applier is available in-game to convert existing content to the new Game Default Settings
  • Pro users can now Roll Back their games via the Game Details Page
  • WebRTC now has a Mic Input Indicator to help voice-only users identify which user is speaking.

Full changelog: [49]

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