Dungeon Scrawl Quick Start Guide

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How do I zoom?
Scroll, or press the plus/minus keys. On Mac, pinch the trackpad, or Ctrl+Scroll.

How do I undo?
Ctrl+Z (CMD+Z on Mac), or Edit -> Undo. Redo with Ctrl+Shift+Z.

How do I save/load maps?
File -> Save, and File -> Open, in the top left. In Chrome, you'll be able to save to the same file every time, rather than downloading a new file on subsequent saves.

How do I export?
Press the download icon in the left menu.

How do I delete doors/stairs?
Use the object tool (second on the left) to select doors or stairs, then press backspace to delete them.

How do I create an isometric map?
Enabled isometric mode from the view menu, or background layer.

How do I use a hex grid?
Select a hex grid from the background layer properties, under Grid -> Type.

Why is my exported map smaller than the export rectangle?
You're likely running up against the browser's export resolution limits. You can reduce the px per cell before exporting, export smaller areas of the dungeon at a time, or use the 'High-res export' feature.

Why can't I see my doors/stairs?
Make sure the image layer is still on the top - doors/stairs might be hidden under a dungeon layer.

Can I still use V1?
Yes, it's still available at https://probabletrain.itch.io/dungeon-scrawl

Can I use Dungeon Scrawl maps commercially?
Pro users can use maps commercially, with the caveat that some of the included images have non-commercial licenses. Asset pack licenses are displayed in the images panel in the top left. Sign up to Dungeon Scrawl Pro with the 'Sign up' button in the top bar.

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