Generating maps

Go to Dungeon Scrawl

If you need to quickly navigate to Dungeon Scrawl just click the link below: 
Dungeon Scrawl

If you need assistance, you can contact our support team via our Web Form.

The tool supports importing generated maps - if you’re stuck for ideas, or have “Cartographer’s block” you can generate a starting point then edit it to your heart’s content.

To get started, click the button with the 4 dots on the left.

One Page Dungeon | Watabou

Click the “Import One Page Dungeon” card in the 4-dot menu

  1. Open the generator
  2. Press Enter to generate a new dungeon
  3. The full list of keyboard shortcuts are available here
  4. When you’re happy with the dungeon, right click and “Export as JSON”
  5. Drag this file into the Dungeon Scrawl import box

Make sure a layer is selected! This is the layer the map will be imported into

Here’s an example:

5e Random Dungeon | Donjon

  1. Click the “Import 5e Random Dungeon” card in the 4-dot menu
  2. Open the generator
  3. Modify the settings as you like, then scroll to the bottom and click “Construct Dungeon”
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the next page (it’s a long way), then click “Download → JSON”
    • This was “TSV” in Dungeon Scrawl V1, but that format is deprecated now
  5. Drag the JSON file into the import box in Dungeon Scrawl

The import can take a little while if the dungeon is large

There are some known issues with the import currently - polymorph rooms don’t work, and sometimes the corridors won’t be correct

Here’s an example:
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