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The rectangle tool is a spiffing tool. 4 corners of goodness. Simple, versatile, what more could you want from a drawing tool? Maybe shapes that aren’t a rectangle. But that sounds unlikely.

Press r to select the rectangle tool.

It draws rectangles! There’s not much more to say really. But here are the features:

  • Draw or erase dungeon areas
  • Use the ‘rough’ option in the bottom left to create rectangles that aren’t quite rectangles

Oh here’s something that’s useful to know - drawing rectangles next to each other will create a wall in between them. This is useful for drawing adjacent rooms.


If you don’t want a wall in between, either overlap the rectangles, or draw over the wall afterwards, like so:


Rough mode

Just like other drawing tools (including wall, select, polygon), you can turn on rough mode in the bottom left. With rough mode on, after drawing a shape you can move your cursor to control how rough the final shape is. This mode is useful for drawing caves.

The further you move your cursor, the rougher the shape will be.


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