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This tool is useful for drawing polygon-shaped rooms. These are regular polygons, which mean that the length of each side is the same.

Side count

Use the number keys to change the number of sides - you also type a number in sides input in the bottom left.

Use a side count of “1” to draw a circle


While drawing the shape, the number in the box represents the radius (measure in grid cells). You can use this to measure your shapes.

Draw to point/edge

In the bottom left, change “Draw to Point/Edge” to switch between those two drawing modes - this can be useful for orienting hex rooms correctly (vertical/horizontal).


Rough mode

Just like other drawing tools (including rect, wall, select, polygon), you can turn on rough mode in the bottom left. With rough mode on, after drawing a shape you can move your cursor to control how rough the final shape is. This mode is useful for drawing caves.

The further you move your cursor, the rougher the shape will be.


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