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The path tool is useful for creating corridors and paths, but is also the most “brush-like” tool. When snapping is off, you can click and drag to paint in an area. With the rough option turned on this is a great way of creating caves, tunnels and other jagged shapes.

Drawing controls

With snapping on

Click to set points, then double click to finish the path.


With snapping off

You can click to set points as before, but if you hold down your mouse and drag you can draw freeform shapes. The path can cross over itself and overlap, which is useful for using this tool like a brush. Double click to finish the path.


Path radius

Change the radius with the square bracket keys: [ ]. This uses the snap fraction to determine the increment, for example it will increment by a third of a cell width if the snap fraction is 1/3.

You can also set the radius using the number input in the bottom left. Once cell is 36 units wide.


Rough mode

Just like other drawing tools (including rectangle, wall, select, polygon), you can turn on rough mode in the bottom left. With rough mode on, after drawing a shape you can move your cursor to control how rough the final shape is. This mode is useful for drawing caves.

The further you move your cursor, the rougher the shape will be.

Here’s an example of a path and cave all painted with the path tool:


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