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The wall tool is useful for adding walls inside (or outside) dungeon areas. Press w to select the wall tool.


Drawing controls

  • Click to set points
  • Double click to finish

With snapping off:

  • Drag to draw an unsnapped line

Erasing walls.

Erase walls by drawing over them with another tool - the rectangle tool is good for this. If the wall is inside a dungeon, you’ll need to be in draw mode. Use erase mode if the wall is outside the dungeon.

Draw mode inside the dungeon


Erase mode outside the dungeon


As a line drawing tool

This tool is also useful as a generic line drawing tool. If you create a new layer then turn off hatching and shading, you can use the wall tool with snapping off to draw on the map. Arrows, lines, and other annotations are good candidates for this.

Here’s an example where I’ve changed the wall color to ‘red’ on a new layer to annotate a map.


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