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The select tool allows you to cut/copy and paste areas of a dungeon. The controls are similar to other multi-point tools: click to set points, and double click to finish a selection. Once you start creating dungeons with repetition or symmetry, this tool becomes really useful.

  • Copy/paste - Once a dungeon area is selected, copy with ctrl+c or cut with ctrl+x, then paste with ctrl+v.
  • Erase paste - You can paste in erase mode! This will erase the pasted shape from the dungeon area, and is useful for creating complex-shape holes in the dungeon.
  • Move/resize - Before pressing the tick above the pasted area, you can move it around by dragging it, or use the handles to rotate and resize it.
  • Mirror - Instead of a dedicated mirror tool (like in Dungeon Scrawl V1), you can now mirror dungeons by right clicking on the pasted area and clicking “flip”.

An advanced technique is to build complex shapes outside of the dungeon (or on a different layer), then cut and paste them into the dungeon. Here’s an example:


I want to connect these top rooms with a circular arc, but I can’t easily do that without erasing the dungeon I’ve already made.


I draw a circle, and erase an inner circle to create a disc


I erase the lower half, creating the arc path


I cut and paste the arc into the desired location


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