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Use the stairs tool to place down stairs in your dungeon.

Drawing controls

  • Click three points to create stairs - just make sure the images layer is on top, so it’s visible.
    • The top two points set the top step, and the third point sets the bottom step.
  • Use the square bracket keys [ and ] to increase/decrease the number of steps.
    • You can also use the number keys.

Setting stairs style before placement

Use the properties panel in the left to control the line style. This will affect all stairs before they are placed. You have control over the color and roughness of the lines.

Setting stairs style after placement

After selecting stairs with the object tool, you can use the properties menu in the top right to change its style.

Manipulating placed stairs

Once stairs are placed, you can interact with it using the object tool:

  • Click to select
  • Drag to move
  • If you zoom in, rotate and scale handles will appear
  • Backspace to delete


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