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Click to create a text object - just make sure the images layer is on top, so it’s visible.


Once the text is created, type to set the text value. If the text isn’t selected, you’ll need to click on it with the object tool twice to get into edit mode.

Setting text style before placement

Use the properties in the bottom left to change the font, font size, or color before creating the text.

Setting text style after placement

After selecting placed text with the object tool, use the properties menu in the top right to change its style. You can also change the text content here.

Manipulating placed text

With the object tool:

  • Click to select
  • Drag to move
    • If the text is selected already, you’ll need to click off it then drag it
  • If you zoom in, a rotate handle will appear
  • Backspace to delete (when not in edit mode - click off it then on first if you are in edit mode)
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