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As announced, Roll20 and Dungeon Scrawl have partnered to take our platforms to the next level. Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions about this.

For further questions or confusion, please feel free to contact our support team via the request form.

Existing Dungeon Scrawl User FAQ

What is Roll20?

Roll20® is the most complete solution for digital play. Access character sheets, tokens, rulebooks, dice, and more - with powerful tools to automate the tedious stuff.

Do I need a Roll20 account now?

Roll20 has agreed to keep Dungeon Scrawl free for use without having to create a user account. This means that the functionality that exists today will stay as it is. In the future, for new features like saving your maps for future use, we might implement the ability to create a free Roll20 account, but access to the free functionality will not require an account.

Will my Dungeon Scrawl and Roll20 accounts be linked?

Not right away. That is something that we are looking to do but we are unsure when we’ll be able to do that.

What will happen to my Dungeon Scrawl subscription?

Your Dungeon Scrawl subscription will remain active and separate from your Roll20 subscription. We do not have any changes planned to the Dungeon Scrawl subscription functionality at this time.

Do I automatically receive a Roll20 subscription with my Dungeon Scrawl subscription?

You do not get a Roll20 subscription as part of your current Dungeon Scrawl subscription, but you can purchase your own Roll20 subscription separately from Roll20.

Can I export maps directly to Roll20?

This is the direction we're hoping to go in, but Roll20 and Dungeon Scrawl are not directly integrated at this time. However, you can use the export tool to download an image from Dungeon Scrawl and then upload that image to Roll20 as your map. 

Will Dungeon Scrawl go away?

Dungeon Scrawl will not go away, in fact, it is just the opposite. Roll20 plans to maintain the Dungeon Scrawl site as well as look into potential integrations in the future, however, there is no timeline for integration.

Where do I go for updates in the future?

The Dungeon Scrawl website and app will be staying put so you can keep up-to-date with everything that happens to Dungeon Scrawl right here! Also, you can keep up-to-date with everything that Roll20 is doing by going to or following Roll20 on social media.

Who do I talk to for help?

The customer support team for Roll20 will handle any questions you may have! If you need assistance or have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask via our Dungeon Scrawl Form.

Existing Roll20 User FAQ

What happens to my Roll20 subscription?

Your Roll20 subscription will remain unchanged at this time. While we are hoping to add additional features and integrations with Dungeon Scrawl in the future we do not have any changes planned for Roll20 subscriptions at this time.

Do I have to buy a separate subscription?

Your Roll20 subscription will not include a Dungeon Scrawl subscription. If you would like to subscribe to Dungeon Scrawl you will need to do so separately through the Dungeon Scrawl application.

Is Dungeon Scrawl going to be added to the VTT?

Roll20 plans to maintain the Dungeon Scrawl site as well as looking into potential integrations in the future, however there is no planned timeline for integration.

Can I log into Dungeon Scrawl with my Roll20 account?

Not right away. That is something that we are looking to do but do not have any definitive timelines.

Will marketplace purchases be usable in Dungeon Scrawl?

There is currently no ability to directly transfer content between applications. However, you can upload images directly from your computer into Dungeon Scrawl, including downloadable content you’ve purchased on Roll20 Market.

I’m a Roll20 Partner, what does this mean for me?

The Dungeon Scrawl Pro subscription comes with a commercial license* and high-resolution export options. This makes it a perfect tool for generating base layouts that you can further treat and enhance with your artistic skills.

Guidelines for Dungeon Scrawl content on the Marketplace:

  • Stand-alone Artwork: We encourage you to submit maps that showcase your artistic flair. Whether you’re uploading a fully treated map or a uniquely advanced Dungeon Scrawl creation, it should reflect your creative touch.
  • Adventures, Modules, Setting & Source Books: In these larger projects, both treated and untreated Dungeon Scrawl maps are acceptable as long as they complement your overall content.

We value the unique creativity that each artist brings to the platform. Because Dungeon Scrawl is designed to be user-friendly, our primary focus is on offerings that showcase your individual artistry.

*Commercial Use Special Note:
Some of the Dungeon Scrawl included images have non-commercial licenses. Asset pack licenses are displayed in the images panel in the top left.

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