Restoring Games from Cold Storage

Games that have not been accessed by players for a certain period of time may be moved to "Cold Storage." This means the data for the game stored somewhere other than Firebase in order to reduce load on the Firebase servers.  If your game has been moved to Cold Storage, you can quickly and easily get back into your game by going to the Game Details page and pressing "Restore Game."  This process should only take a few seconds.



While a game is in Cold Storage, the following features and data for that game will not be accessible:

  • Entering the Game on the VTT
  • Copying the Game
  • Accessing the Game's data via the Roll20 Characters
  • Accessing the Game's data via the Transmogrifier
  • Accessing the Game's data via the External Journal
  • Accessing the Game's data via the Chat Archive
  • Including Add-Ons into the game
  • Any other feature or tool which modifies live game data, such as the Dynamic Lighting Conversion Tool, Mod Scripts, or Rollbacks

All of these features will once again become immediately accessible upon Restoring the game.



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