Jumpgate Beta

Welcome to the Jumpgate Beta! Jumpgate is our modern overhaul of the Roll20 Tabletop. It feature a brand-new rendering engine as well as a whole host of updates and changes to make your gaming sessions even better.

The Beta is currently available to Roll20 Pro & Plus subscribers.

Note that this is a Beta and as such there are bugs! Take a look at our Known Issues list for a full list of things we're currently working to resolve.

When can I start using the Jumpgate Beta?

If you’re a user with a Pro or a Plus subscription, you are able to opt-in to the Beta now. As the Beta progresses, we’ll open it up to more of the Roll20 community on a rolling basis.

How do I use Jumpgate during the Beta?

Once the Beta period begins, if you’re a Pro or Plus user you’ll have a new option when creating a new game, or a copy of an existing game, to opt that game into the Jumpgate Beta. Note that this is a one-way trip – once a game is opted into Jumpgate, it can’t be opted out. Since this is a beta, and there will be bugs and issues, we’re only allowing brand-new games and copies of existing games to opt in, just to make sure that no one moves their game into Jumpgate by accident.

Once a game is in the Jumpgate beta, you can play in that game with all of your players (including players without a subscription). 

What should I expect from the Beta?

You should expect to be able to play your ongoing games in Jumpgate with all of your existing content! There will be a few bugs to be sure, and a few features will be missing (such as our revamped F/X tool) that will be added while the Beta is ongoing. But if you’re comfortable using pre-release software and helping us make it better, we’d love for you to game in Jumpgate and give us your feedback so we can make sure that we find and stomp out all the bugs and make the full launch as smooth as possible.

How can I give feedback during the Beta?

We’re setting up a special form (you can access directly from your VTT) to allow you to report bugs and give us your thoughts about the Jumpgate Beta. We’ll also be actively responding on our forums to have an ongoing discussion about what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do to improve.

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