Jumpgate Known Issues

Jumpgate is currently in Beta, and as such there are a few Known Issues that you should be aware of as you use it. We are working as fast as we can to cross things off of this list.

F/X Tool

  • The F/X Tool is currently disabled. We’re working on overhauling the F/X tool entirely. Stay tuned!


  • Using Align to Grid when the grid is disabled on the current page breaks the map.

Animated Graphics

  • Although animated graphics support is much improved in Jumpgate, uploading animated graphics still needs to be reworked.


  • Editing large rotated text may cause it to become unrotated.

Fog of War & Dynamic Lighting

  • Some elements of the measure tool are not being obscured by the Fog of War.
  • One-way lighting lines are currently just displaying as a solid line.
  • Doors and window icons are currently being half-obscured by darkness. 


  • If you want to opt out of the New Compendium in Jumpgate, just opt out of the Beta Features toggle. The New Compendium is the only thing behind that toggle in Jumpgate games.


  • If your page locks up or becomes entirely unresponsive, you may have encountered an error. If you check your Javascript Console and can report that to us that would be helpful! Just reloading should fix things. We're working on making an auto-reporting and auto-recovery feature for these errors so that your games don't get interrupted.
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