Refund Policy

Roll20 is dedicated to providing the best experience possible for our customers. As such, we understand that things need to be returned or may require a refund for various reasons. However, as in many cases, we do have refund policies and standards that we need to uphold. We have outlined the specifics on our refund policy below.

What is your subscription refund policy?

You may cancel your Roll20 account subscription at any time in order to prevent further payments and incur no additional charges. Simply head to "Manage My Subscription" and select the Free tier. If you require a refund, you may request this through our web form for any reason within 15 days of payment.

If you cancel your subscription and are not eligible for a refund, you will retain access to all subscription features until your subscription expires.

What is your marketplace item refund policy?

You may request a refund for any Roll20 Marketplace purchase for any reason within 15 days of purchase. You can also request marketplace refunds yourself without having to write in to us. See the "How do I refund marketplace items?" section on this article. If you're experiencing difficulties, please write in through our web form and we'll do our best to assist you.

Please note, refunding any game Module or Addon will delete your games which have this content installed. Refund requests for products which have enabled downloads of their content will be subject to the Download Restricted Refunds policy.

What are "Download Restricted Refunds?"

Creators have the option to allow downloads of their Marketplace assets. All downloadable content will be subject to Download Restricted Refunds policy.

If you download the purchased content (images, PDFs, etc) from the Roll20 Marketplace, you waive your right to a refund unless you can show that the content is either broken or does not match the expectations of the product description.

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