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Welcome to our documentation on Subscriptions. This article handles questions pertaining to Roll20 subscriptions such as what payment methods are accepted, information on what features a subscription offers, and so on.


 What are the benefits of a subscription?


Each subscription tier offers upgrades to enhance your and your players' experience, including increased storage space, Dynamic Lighting, enhanced customization options, and more. Your support helps us keep the site running and drives the development of new features. However, purchasing a subscription is optional. Roll20 always keeps the base elements you need to run a game for free. You can review the full list of subscription benefits in our Feature Breakdown article.

Do you offer free trials for Plus/Pro subscriptions?

We currently do not offer free trials for Plus and Pro subscriptions. We may launch trails again in the future to unveil new features or celebrate special milestones. We well announce these in our e-mail newsletter and on Twitter. Make sure to follow us there for the latest updates on Roll20!

Do all of the players in a game need to have a subscription in order to use paid features?

Not at all! Feature access for the whole game is based on the Game Creator’s current subscription. Basically, as long as the person who created the game has a subscription, any players and/or guest GMs will have access to those features. We want you to be able to share perks with your whole (virtual) table. You can read more about that on the Roll20 Help Center.

What methods can I use to pay for my subscription?


We accept credit and debit card transactions through Stripe. We also accept transactions through PayPal, which supports a variety of payment methods. These are PCI-compliant services that offer dedicated and secure transactions to help keep your data safe.

If you paid for a subscription with a credit or debit card, you can change that card information directly from the Manage Card page. If you are using PayPal, you can manage all of your payments through PayPal’s Pre-Approved Payments page.

Please note that at this time, there is no way to change between payment methods on an active subscription from your My Account page. You will need to contact us through our web form if you want to switch between a credit card and PayPal.

What currencies do you accept? 

Roll20 only accepts United States Dollars (USD) at this time. However, PayPal and/or your financial institution may be able to convert the currency at the time of the transaction. We recommend reaching out to your financial institution for further details.

I have a credit on my account. What does that mean?

Having account credit means that someone nice gifted you money for use towards a new or already active Roll20 subscription, otherwise known as subscription credit. That credit balance will be used to pay the subscription fee first before we charge your card or PayPal. Otherwise, the credit will sit on your account, waiting for when you want to use it.

To check the balance of your subscription credit, visit the "My Account" page and scroll down to Manage Your Subscription. 


How do I gift or apply subscription credit?

To gift subscription credit:

  • Visit the profile page of the person you would like to gift subscription credit to
  • Click on the "Give Gift Subscription" button underneath their avatar.


Additionally, if you know the recipient´s Roll20 email address, you can also visit the Gift Page and enter that address in the field titled “GM's Email Address”. Even if the recipient already has an active subscription, your gift will go toward their upcoming payments until the credit runs out. For more information, please see this article.

To apply subscription credit:

  • Choose your desired subscription plan and billing cycle (tab located at the top)
  • A checkout window will pop out indicating the price of your subscription
  • Click on "Submit Payment with Stripe" (no card information is required if using your credit balance)


I already have a Plus subscription and I want to upgrade to Pro. How does that work?

Your account is upgraded instantly, but you will not be charged until your next subscription fee is due. The upgrade cost will be pro-rated and charged on your regular billing date. Upgrading mid-subscription will not result in any loss of funds.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, navigate here and choose the Free tier. You can continue using the subscription until it expires. The subscription will not auto-renew after that. Please note that this action will not issue a refund. If you cancel your subscription within the grace period of 15 days and would like a refund please contact support via our web form.

What happens to my games and/or account if I downgrade or cancel my subscription?

When downgrading or canceling a subscription, the related features will be temporarily paused and hidden. Upon resubscribing, everything will return exactly as you left it, including Dynamic Lighting lines on your map

We have a small exception in your favor regarding storage quota. If a subscription change reduces your storage capacity, you can still use all the assets you have uploaded before. However, you will not be able to upload new assets until you free up space by removing some existing ones. Don't forget to check your audio assets as well!

I ran into an error/made a mistake. Can you help?

Contact us through our web form with a link to your Roll20 profile and information about the issue you have encountered. We will do our best to correct the situation and make sure the issues get resolved as soon as possible.

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