Roll20 Account Sync with Paizo

Connect your account to Roll20 to receive numerous benefits, including discounts on items on the Roll20 Marketplace for products you own on, access to PDFs on for items you own on Roll20, and more.

Linking A Paizo Account

In order to use Roll20 Account Sync, you must create or have an existing account. 

Log in to and head over to My Account, which is located under your display name.

From here, scroll down to the section labeled Roll20 Account Sync (it will be on the right side of your screen) and obtain your Paizo Activation Code by visiting or clicking the button labeled Get My Paizo Activation Code.

NOTE: If you click Get My Paizo Activation Code, then you will then be asked to either create a new Paizo account or log in to an existing account.

Once you have logged in to, you'll see a section titled Your New Activation Code and your code will appear right underneath. Copy or write down this code for use on Roll20. Head back over to, enter the code into the input field within the Roll20 Account Sync section (seen above), and click Link Account

I Need to Make Some Changes to My Paizo Account

This should be done through your Paizo account settings page.

I Want to Unlink My Paizo Account from Roll20

You can cancel the link via your Paizo account settings.

Product Not Unlocking on After Purchase from Roll20

Please contact Paizo customer service with your receipt of purchase from Roll20. 

Not Receiving Discount from Roll20 After Purchase from

Unlinking your Roll20 and Paizo accounts and reconnecting them again may resolve this problem. You can cancel the link via your Paizo account settings. You can also click on this link or copy and paste it while logged in to attempt to forcibly re-sync your Paizo and Roll20 purchases.


Contact Roll20 directly through our web form with a proof of purchase for the desired content (email receipt, screenshot of ownership on Paizo - include purchase date, bank statement).

I Want a Refund and Purchased from...

From the Marketplace drop-down menu, you can access your purchase from the My Marketplace Items page. Under the item you want to be refunded, click the Actions icon, and hit Request Refund.

Refunds will be honored for Marketplace items if the refund is requested within 15 days of purchase and the item (in the case of art packs) has not been downloaded. 

View our full refund policy on the Roll20 Help Desk.

All Paizo products are subjected to the Download Restricted Refund Policy which includes PDFs downloaded from through Roll20 Account Sync.

Please contact Paizo customer service directly:

Paizo Customer Service

Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST

(425) 250-0800 |

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