Marketplace Creator Upload Guide

So you want to be a Marketplace Creator? Great! This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to uploading, submitting, and activating your content on the Roll20 Marketplace. 

If you have any remaining questions about anything outlined below or need further assistance, please contact us through our web form and we will be happy to help.

1. Navigating to Item Management

The ITEM MANAGEMENT page is the central hub from which a Creator generates and manages new and existing Marketplace Listings. There are two ways to access it:

First, by navigating to the "Manage My Items" link found in the dropdown to the right of your username (when logged in to your Creator account). 


Or, via the "Item Management" link in the upper right-hand corner of your PUBLISHER PROFILE. (We highly recommend bookmarking both your PUBLISHER PROFILE and your ITEM MANAGEMENT page for ease of access.) 



The ITEM MANAGEMENT page contains tabs that allow you to: 

  • review and edit Marketplace Items in Draft status
  • check on any items that are Pending review by the Marketplace Approvals team
  • Activate items that have been approved by Roll20
  • view a list of all Active products listed under your account

You also have access to your submission history (including any recorded correspondence between you and the Roll20 team regarding your submissions), your number of available Draft Items, and the quantity of Items that have been submitted during the current week. Submissions are currently limited to 5 per week, but we are happy to accommodate special requests for certain circumstances, such as onboarding new Creators. If you are in need of assistance, contact us through our web form


2. Creating a New Item

3. Editing Your Item

For more information on how to properly assign the right Item Categories, Secondary Filters, and Tags for your Item please review the Category Guide

4. Adding Assets to Art Packs

5. Addons/Modules

6. Bundles and Packages

Bundles and Packages are Items that group Marketplace sub-items together to provide convenient curated purchases. Here’s how Bundles and Packages differ:

  • Bundles contain items that are usually for sale individually outside of the Bundle. They may offer up to a 20% discount off the combined price of the items contained within. They offer Dynamic Pricing, which provides an additional price reduction if a purchaser already owns one or more of the sub-items. Their purchase will only charge them for the unowned items. 
  • Packages contain content that can only be obtained by purchasing the Package and are typically used by our Licensed Publishers to offer Compendiums along with Art Packs and adventure Modules that are not sold separately. Their discounts are typically already built into the price of the item, and they do not qualify for Dynamic Pricing.

To create a Bundle, you will select Discount Bundle when making a new item. Here is a tutorial: 

To create a Package, you will select Package when making a new item. Here is a tutorial: 

7. Submitting for Approval

Once you have added all aspects of your product and filled in all the necessary information it’s time to submit it to Roll20 for approval. Content Approvals are processed twice a week on Monday and Thursday. All items submitted before 12 Noon CT on those days will be addressed by the next business day. 

If your content is approved, it will appear in the APPROVED tab of your Item Management page. 

If your content is not approved, it will appear back in your DRAFTS tab with a note describing the changes needed.


8. Setting Your Item as Active

Once Roll20 has approved your item and you see it in the APPROVED tab of your ITEM MANAGEMENT page, you can then click the ACTIVATE button when you are ready for it to be live on the Marketplace.

Note: You MUST click this button in order for your item to go live, the Roll20 Team will not automatically push it live for you - so be sure to check back within a week of submitting your item to avoid any delays in publishing.


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