Marketplace Creator Upload Guide

This page is intended for Roll20 Creators only.

This walk through will outline all of the necessary steps to get new content uploaded and posted onto the Roll20 Marketplace. 

If you have any questions about anything outlined in this walk through or need further assistance, please contact us through our web form and we will be happy to provide further guidance.

1. Navigating to Item Management

In order to add new items, you need to be in the ITEM MANAGEMENT section of the site. There are two ways you can get there to begin uploading new items. Follow either set of steps below to get there. 

  • First, be sure that you are logged into your publisher account and then navigate to the link that says ITEM MANAGEMENT, under your name in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Begin from your publisher page (you can get here by clicking your author name on any product) then click the link that says ITEM MANAGEMENT (see below).


After you click the link, it will direct you to the ITEM MANAGEMENT home page (see below).

2. Creating a New Item

To create a new item, click on the CREATE NEW ITEM button on the ITEM MANAGEMENT homepage.

Then, enter the name for your item, select the item type and click the CREATE ITEM button.

You are only allowed 10 unpublished draft items at a time.

3. Editing Your Item

To populate the item you just added with content, click on the new item you just created under the DRAFT tab. This will take you to the item’s temporary home page.

From here, you can click on the EDIT ITEM PROPERTIES button towards the bottom to start editing your new item.

Once you are in the properties screen, you can go ahead and fill in all the information pictured below along with a description, and hit SAVE CHANGES when you're finished.

4. Filling In Categories, Filters, and Tags

Just under the description box is an area for you to fill in your Categories, Filters & Tags for the item you’ve just uploaded. Be sure to click SAVE CHANGES when you’re done.

For more details on how to select the right categories, filters, and tags for your item please review the Category Guide.

5. Uploading Product Cover and Previews

It is very easy to add a product cover & preview images to your new item directly from the item’s temporary homepage, all you have to do is drag and drop, or manually select, a file to add. You will need to do this not only for your product cover but for the preview photos underneath the cover as well.

Note: Product Cover images must be 512x512


Here is what it looks like when you’ve uploaded a product cover photo.

Note: The first preview box is taken up by product cover once uploaded.

5. Adding Assets or Product to Item

5a. Art Packs

You will need to upload the individual images included with your product. To do so, scroll down the bottom of your temporary product homepage and click the UPLOAD IMAGES button.

Then, just drag and drop your image files in the box + click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Finally, you will need to give each of your uploaded items a Name, some tags (only 3) and then click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Note: You can now check your assets on the Roll20 VTT before submitting your pack! Price and Item Category must be set before they will appear in your Art Library

5b. Addon/Modules

If you selected Addon / Module as your item type, it will have a BASE CAMPAIGN box in the properties section for the game link (see below). You will complete this step rather than uploading art like you would for an Art Pack.

5c. Bundles

If you selected Bundle as your item type, on your item’s temporary homepage there will be a dropdown menu for you to choose which of your existing products will be included in the bundle (see below). You can add items from DRAFT, PENDING, APPROVED, or ACTIVE status to a bundle. 

Be sure to click ADD ITEM to ensure your product gets added. 

Please note: your bundle price may reflect a discount up to 20% of the combined price of the items contained within. 

6. Submitting for Approval

Once you have added all aspects of your product and filled in all the necessary information it’s time to submit it to Roll20 for approval. 

To do this, return back to the ITEM MANAGEMENT home page and click the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL button next to your item under the DRAFT tab.

Roll20 will review your item and provide a response within one week. If approved, your item will then appear in the approved tab. If not approved, it will appear back in your drafts with a note as to changes needed.

7. Setting Your Item as Active

Once Roll20 has approved your item and you see it in your APPROVED tab, you can then click the ACTIVATE button when you are ready for it to be live in the marketplace. You MUST click this button in order for your item to go live, the Roll20 Team will not automatically push it live for you - so be sure to check back within a week of submitting your item to avoid any delays in publishing.

Once your item is set to ACTIVE, no further edits are possible without contacting marketplace support.

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