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Some places on the Roll20 Community Forums use a voting system to help organize and measure support for topics, including the Suggestions & Ideas Forum. Each community member is given a certain number of votes based on their subscription level on the site, and they can use those votes to add their support to an existing topic or to create a new topic of their own.

How many votes will I get?

The number of votes you receive is based on hours played, account age, and length of time spent subscribed.

Votes accrue based on hours played (one for your first 20, then every 50).

Votes accrue based on account age at six month intervals (one for every six months).

Subscribers receive an additional 10 votes for every year spent subscribed.

For example, a Plus user who started their account two years ago, has been subscribed for a year, and has 120 hours played has 17 votes to spend.

Base (Free) users can post as soon as they’ve accrued one vote.

Note: We changed the way that votes were distributed on December 13, 2022 to make the forum more accessible for newer users. Previous vote totals on suggestions remained as-is, but we removed all of users’ remaining votes and retroactively granted more. New votes spent will refund as usual.

How do I add my support to an idea?

There is a gray "up arrow" next to the topic name in the forum listing. Click that arrow to vote for the idea. Likewise, to remove your vote, click the green arrow next to a suggestion you've already voted for. You can change your votes at any time and as often as you'd like. You can add a maximum of one vote per suggestion.

I have an idea. How do I submit a new suggestion?

Just click the Post New Topic button in the forum as usual. Note that this will use one of your votes. If you later remove your vote from your suggestion, and the suggestion falls to a score of 0, then that suggestion will be automatically closed. So at least one person has to vote for an idea for it to stay active.

Your suggestion has 30 days to get at least 10 votes. After day 30, suggestions with less than 10 votes will be closed, and the votes will be refunded. Suggestions that have at least 10 votes will stay open indefinitely, ready for additional comments.

What happens next?

Posts have 30 days to get at least 10 votes. Otherwise, they are closed and the votes are refunded.

As a suggestion continues to accrue votes and feedback from the community, the Roll20 team will respond as necessary. We pay particular attention to suggestions that have gained support quickly, those that are small quality-of-life enhancements, and those in the top 20 of all suggestions. If a suggestion is in the top 10, you can expect updates from staff in thread when the suggestion changes status.

The best suggestions typically describe the problem you are having as a user, and offer the way you would solve the problem. Tell us how you would use this in your game and with your group. The best suggestion makers are also open to alternative solutions and try to build off of the crowdsourced intelligence.

The Suggestions & Ideas Forum is a place for conversation with the Roll20 team. We love hearing your suggestions, and that's why the forum exists. However, we aren't promising to do all, some, or any of the suggestions. Sometimes the team will ask questions about potential uses for the suggestion. The team might include surveys. We might explain why we aren't going to put that suggestion into development right away or ever.

What do these labels mean?

Feedback: This is the community's opportunity to add votes, description, needs, and requirements. Tell us how you would use this feature in your game and with your group.

Researching: We’re looking at what it will take to complete, might include a user survey or interviews to gather as many use cases as possible.

Obstructed: There are some things that need to be done before we can tackle this idea.

Not Now: Good idea, but it’s not on our roadmap right now.

Queued: We're on it. The Dev Team is making plans, pulling the levers, writing the code. We have a rough timeline for its expected release. At this point comments and voting may be closed. It may not happen exactly as suggested, but we'll do our best to take the spirit of the suggestion and related comments into account. We may also ask questions in the suggestions thread itself to gather more feedback as we work on the suggestion.

On Dev: This feature is ready for Pro users to test, and comments and voting are closed.

Completed: This idea has been planned, developed, tested, and launched. You can see it working on Roll20.

Does this mean you'll finally implement "Feature I Really Want" since it has the most votes?

Not necessarily. Not all suggestions are possible, and some positively impact some people but would ruin the games of others. Suggestions are just one source of development ideas at Roll20, and even vote counts are balanced with other metrics, including:

  • Internal data we gather about how people use Roll20.
  • Support requests and account administration statistics.
  • Our overall plan for how to enhance Roll20.

We pay particular attention to suggestions that have gained support quickly, those that are small quality-of-life enhancements, and those in the top 20 of all suggestions, but some great ideas never make it onto the Suggestions & ideas forum and we keep an eye out for those, too. This means that even if a suggestion that matters to you isn’t in the top 10 or doesn’t get enough votes, we may still develop it if it aligns with one or more of the above points.

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