Roll20 Support FAQ

Welcome to the Customer Support FAQ for - this FAQ contains the most common issues or questions reported by Roll20 users. If you are having trouble with any aspect of our site, check this resource first before heading to the forums


If you are missing account-related emails from Roll20, please double check your spam folder. Otherwise, contact us so we can further assist.

Login Issues

You may be using an incorrect email address. Search your other inboxes for a "Welcome to Roll20" email - one was sent to you when you created your account. If you are still unable to log in, contact us with any additional email addresses, your user name, or a link to your profile.

Password Reset Failed

Still waiting for your password reset email? Issues with our password reset link usually occur because of either an interfering add-on (such as Adblock), or because you may have third-party cookies disabled. Follow the steps on our Solving Technical Issues article or check out these official knowledge base links for Chrome and Firefox on how to enable third-party cookies in your web browser, then try our password reset link again.

Please note that many smartphone browsers are not compatible with the password reset page, and so you will need to use a desktop web browser.

If the steps above do not work, please contact us.

Delete Account

You can delete your account from the My Account page when you are logged into Roll20.

Mailing List Unsubscribe

Looking to unsubscribe from our mailing list? Click here.

Oops! I Deleted...

My Game

Please contact us and include the email associated with your account and the name of the game you would like restored.

A Page or Part of My Game

The only way to recover a portion of an existing Game is through a Rollback. Rollbacks are only for Pro Subscribers, so please be careful when deleting things from your game! If you experience a loss of data caused by an error or other issues on Roll20, please contact us and include the email associated with your account, the name of the game, the date & time your game was last stable, and any details you can provide regarding the loss of data.


If you are having payment issues with your Roll20 account not related to the issues described below, please contact us via our webform including the email associated with your account so we can help.

402 Error

Declines can happen for a variety of reasons. When we submit a charge to your payment provider, their automated systems determine whether or not to accept the charge. These systems take various considerations into account, such as your spending habits, account balance, and card information like the expiration date and CVC. The best thing for you to do is follow up with your bank to see why the charges might have been declined.

Change Credit Card

Use this Change / Remove Payment Method link to update your credit card information.

Change to PayPal

At this time, we cannot automatically change your payment method to PayPal on an active Roll20 subscription. If you are interested in switching your payment method to PayPal, please email us from the email associated with your account so we can provide manual assistance.



See our Supporter Page to discover all of the advanced features available in a Plus or Pro account.

Pro Tokens

Are you a Pro user looking for your free tokens? Head to the Marketplace and put "exclusive" in the far right search filter to view all of the items available to you. You can also head straight into the app where you will see a Subscription Sets category listed in your Art Library.

Storage Space

Worried about losing your art if your subscription expires? Good news, none of your images will be deleted! They will remain in your account, but you will not be able to upload anymore until you delete enough to go below your storage quota. You can check your storage quota from the My Account page and learn how to remove items from our Art Library article.

Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting can be added to any game that is created by a Roll20 Plus or Pro Subscriber. While this feature can only be added to games by those users, all players, no matter their subscriber level, will be able to experience the Dynamic Lighting effects that were added.

Subscription FAQ

Visit our Subscription FAQ for specific subscription questions or contact us for additional assistance.


Payment Issues

Please email us from the email associated with your account so we can help.


You can view our full refund policy here.

Becoming a Creator

Interested in joining our Marketplace? Please review our Becoming a Creator page. It will provide you with all of the information you need, including technical specifications and other vital information. 

Comments, Concerns, Questions, or Suggestions?

Technical Issues

Please follow the steps in our Solving Technical Issues or Video and Voice Chat Troubleshooting articles. If you make it to the last step (the console log) and the issue still isn't resolved, please create a thread with your console log in the Bug Reports Forum so our development team can continue to help.


Do you have a suggestion on how to improve Roll20? Visit our Suggestion Forum and submit your idea to our community! This forum uses a Forum Voting system to display the most popular suggestions.

How To Use Roll20

Confused? Need help with something specific? Try the Specific Use Forum! Search through old threads or start a new one to get tips & tricks from the community on how to use Roll20.

Roll20's Application Programming Interface

Put your computer savvy skills to the test! Pro users can explore Roll20's Application Programming Interface or API. Get started with our API article or head to the API Forum for help.

Community-Created Character Sheets

Due to a large number of different game systems, Character Sheets are generally not created by Roll20. However, various members of the community have collaborated on Character Sheets for their preferred game systems, the code for which is stored on our GitHub repository. Anyone from the Roll20 Community who is comfortable with HTML/CSS is welcome to submit a sheet for approval if their game system is not already represented. If you need help during the building process, check out our Character Sheet article or head to the Character Sheet Forum.

I'm New, Help!

Welcome to Roll20, we hope you enjoy your stay here!

If you are completely new to tabletop gaming, take a look at our Introduction To Tabletop RPGs article, or jump into our New to Roll20 thread on the forums to ask questions and introduce yourself to the community!


Ready to jump into the Virtual Tabletop? Start with our Tutorial - it will take you through the basic tools & features available to you on Roll20.

LFG Tool

Use the Roll20 Looking for Group (LFG) tool as a player to search for games to join, or use it to list your upcoming games if you are a GM in need of a party. You can also use the Player Directory to search for players, find others to form a party, or list yourself as a player looking for a home. You can also visit the Looking for Group Forum and create a thread to recruit new players or join a party.

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