Change Log

If you would like view all past change logs from previous years, you can find them here: Past Change Logs


July 18, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta:

  • Made an updated which improves load time of pages with many tokens by ~30%
  • Made an update to ensure Character Sheets open up in an appropriate size on smaller laptop screens

July 11, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Compendium Search

  • I made updates to the search for the new Compendium Sidebar Panel. Now, the exact search results show up closer to the top. For example, when you search for "Longsword," you'll see the longsword items above other named longswords. 
  • Removed spaces from the search terms. Now you can add as many spaces as you want, and the results won't be affected.

July 10, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta:

  • Made an update so Shift+Double Clicking a token linked to a character sheet opens up the Bio & Info tab instead of Attributes and Abilities to be consistent with Legacy
  • Set the default of the Art Library dropdown menu to "Everything" instead of "Tokens"
  • Added styling to zoom buttons in the journal modal 

July 8, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta - Fixed issues:

  • where setting grid to transparent unexpectedly showed up as black grid lines
  • where draw tools were drawing with fill on Lighting layer if fill was previously selected
  • where player ribbon drag to top row of pages sometimes did not register
  • that caused tokens to animate through waypoints, ending in wrong positions on multi-select
  • where multi-selected tokens that were being rotated or rescaled unexpectedly animated through the last waypoint path

Updates to the Official Call of Cthulhu Character Sheet:

  • Fixed Combat Rolls not Fumbling Correctly.

  • Added the "Malfunction" message to combat rolls where the result meets or exceeds a malfunction.

  • Fixed Weapons erroneously assigning a default "malfunction" value of 96

July 2, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta - Fixed issues:

  • where draw tools were drawing with fill on Lighting layer if fill was previously selected
  • which prevented grid from being set to transparent
  • where player ribbon drag to top row of pages sometimes did not register
  • with desynchronized way-pointed token movement on multi-select
  • where token were incorrectly animating through last token path on multiselect rotation or rescale

July 1, 2024

A number of bug fixes were made to the D&D 2024 Alpha Character Sheet:

  • Fixed Aoife's Magic Missile
  • Fixed Fred Strong's Greatswords and Longbow not using the proper Ability Bonuses
  • Fixed Bran’s Hit Dice & duplicate classes
  • Added functionality for attacks to intuit the proper Ability Bonus based on attack type (e.g. Melee/Ranged/Spellcasting)
  • Fixed various cantrips' damage at higher levels
  • Fixed Hjōnk's Rage and Thrown weapon Ability Bonus
  • Lucia now has the correct number of hit dice at every level

June 27, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Fixed an issue where tokens were missing some token bars/bar text upon initial paste on the same page.

June 26, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Fixed an issue which filled the page with permanent darkness (instead of explorable darkness) when enabling Explorer Mode & Fill Page from the Fog of War menu
  • Fixed an issue where token actions did not appear for multi-selected tokens

June 25, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Made an update to re-center map button behavior: Pressing Home Key or the re-center map button now resets position but not zoom. Pressing Shift+Home keys or holding Shift while pressing the re-center map button will now reset both position and zoom.
  • Fixed issue where shapes drawn on the lighting layer from certain orientations resulted in a misaligned shadow
  • Made stability updates to minimize instances of player Voice and Video avatars not showing
  • Fixed issue where players could sometimes see bars/nameplates for tokens on GM layer, or could not see bars/nameplate on tokens moved from GM to token layer
  • Fixed issue where archive folders for the first archived page did not show up until refresh
  • Fixed issue where Home key was centering the view when pressed in input fields
  • Fixed issue where holding down 'q' in the Measure tool resulted in an unreasonable amount of waypoints
  • Made several improvements to performance/stability:
    • We've updated underlying engine framework. This will have performance improvements and additionally includes fixes for some webgl context lost issues.
    • Made a system update that will improve load speed and stability of large Dynamic Lighting maps on mobile devices and devices with less GPU resources
    • Made rendering more performant on mobile devices and devices with less GPU resources
    • Added optimizations for lighting engine to improve performance

June 21, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from accessing handouts linked to other handouts 

June 18, 2024

D&D 2024 Alpha Character Sheet

Roll20 Tabletop in Discord

  • You can now pop out your character into a browser tab when you are in Roll20 Tabletop in Discord.

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Fixed an issue where the "something went wrong" message appears when switching to a page with doors and tokens with vision.
  • Fixed an issue with error alerts on upload

June 17, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Improved page performance when searching games with a lot of pages/folders
  • Improved performance for players and GMs on pages with many or large dynamic lighting barriers
  • Fixed an issue that prevented measurements to be visible in preview as player mode when Fog of War was present at measurement locations
  • Fixed issue where objects could become desynchronized in position or rotation if player took an action while GM defocuses from the page/folder
  • Fixed issue which prevented users from properly selecting the point that was clicked after releasing shift key and losing focus

June 14, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: 

  • Fixed an issue that prevented "random-side" selection from working for multi-sided tokens
  • Fixed an issue that prevented multi-sided token changes to immediately show to players
  • Added the ability for players (not just GMs) to flip their tokens horizontally and vertically when using Jumpgate

June 12, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: Beta is now also open to Plus Subscribers, effective immediately! Our latest Blog and Forum have more details including access instructions, how to report bugs, info on feature updates and more. Alongside, we've also released a couple more improvements from user feedback:

  • Made an update to maintain previously selected zoom when navigating between maps
  • Added tooltips and UI to clarify that Jumpgate is a one way trip! You're not able to revert back or "opt out of" Jumpgate once a game has been created.
  • Improve image quality upon zoom
  • Fixed an issue where players could access unauthorized token settings
  • Fixed an issue where Fog of War was not working correctly for polygonal clearing and add
  • Added visual polish to Fog of War menus
  • Fixed an issue where animated tokens/animation loops were unable to be paused
  • Fixed an issue where animations drag & dropped onto map from the art library / my library appeared invisible

June 6, 2024

Roll20 Characters

  • There is now a link to your game details page when you're on your character sheet. If you're character is not in a game, it won't show up.

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta:

  • Fixed issue when players could select tokens they did not control 

June 5, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta:

  • Scrollbars are now in Jumpgate!
  • Fixed issue where revealing or hiding the entire map wouldn't update for players until they panned or zoomed
  • Fixed issue where players with multiple tokens couldn't preview as a single token via the keyboard shortcut
  • Improved stability for very large text created by Text tool

May 29, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta:

  • Fixed issue with saving multiple sides on multi-sided tokens when setting as default for a character sheet
  • Fixed issue where 'shift z" key didn't zoom focus to show art to players 

Roll20 Characters

  • Deleting a folder with a character that is in Roll20 Characters no longer deletes the character for the user. Instead it removes the character from the game.

May 28, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta: Team released big code refactor with an aim to address some common crash/freeze causes and desynchronization behavior in the Tabletop in addition to several user reported bug fixes and usability improvements.

  • Made Fog of War updates to allow users to turn on explorer mode from the Fog of War Menu, made slight performance improvements to dynamic lighting games where explorer mode wasn’t on, and fixed some minor button stlyling in the menu.
  • Fixed Tabletop issues where
    • Pen tool current line preview was not showing
    • Trash button was not showing up on on Measure Tool measurements
    • Non-linger Measure Tool measurements were lingering
    • 'Add Turn' was showing on text and drawing context menus
    • Non-controlling players were unable to see token's tooltips
    • Non-controlling players were unable to see token's bars or nameplate when they set 'Hover to Show' on
    • 'Hover to Show' setting did not apply to nameplate until refresh
    • Tooltips were appearing on hover even while not on the token's layer
    • Toolbar menus would lose their background when a popup appeared
    • Hex Grid labels now work properly on grids above 26 rows tall
    • Token markers appeared/were hidden behind tokens
  • Added some Quality of Life and Usability improvements:
    • Adjusted to a more generous double-click threshold for tokens and other tabletop objects
    • Clearer indication of what will be selected by marquee, and clearer indication of what is currently part of a multi-selection
    • Token marker sizing has been improved 

May 21, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Users can now transmogrify from non-Jumpgate games into Jumpgate games
  • Adjusted language on buttons in the right sidebar to clarify actions that can be taken - which include "Report a Bug" and "Learn About Jumpgate"
  • "Report a Bug" button in the right sidebar and on toolbar now work on iOS devices
  • Improved stability of multitouch gesture support for iPad

May 14, 2024

Community Preview Second Edition Remaster Character sheet: The most requested user feature is here! Items, Spells and Feats can now be dragged & dropped from the Compendium on to anywhere the sheet to assist with character generation. We also added confirmation snack bars to help better inform you that your items have been added successfully.


May 9, 2024

Community Preview Second Edition Remaster Character sheet: Enabled rolls for custom lore skills


May 7, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Removed the legacy voice and video from games in Jumpgate
  • Fixed a couple Jumpgate related bugs including:
    • Editing a macro no longer escapes the html encoding
    • The Freehand tool properly displays disabled state when on the  Dynamic Lighting layer
    • Resizing the right hand bar on Tabletop now updates the play space accordingly
    • Fixed issue preventing Apply Token Defaults from applying token defaults
    • Tokens no longer snap on resize or rotate for Gridless maps
  • Updated Tutorial Translations with more optimized language

Roll20 Characters

  • Updated the avatar to support Animated GIFs. At the moment, you still can't upload them in Roll20 Characters, but if you upload it in the VTT, it will now work in Roll20 Characters as expected. It also works in the roll log and in the list of characters.

April 30, 2024

Roll20 Characters

  • We fixed a bug where duplicate entries in lists on sheets would start appearing as you created list entries or moved them around. Now, your lists of equipment or spells or anything else that uses a list component will work as expected.

April 29, 2024

Community Preview Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

  • We’ve updated the Skills tab to allow for entry and management of custom skills and lore, including ability to change linked attributes and other information. With this release, the sheet is now able to handle the majority of core game mechanics. This means you can run a full game using our Community Preview Sheet on Roll20 Characters.

April 28, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Dashed line rendering should be working now in Jumpgate games, so you should be able to tell what barriers are transparent on the DL layer.
  • Fixed some drawing bugs that were showing flickering and artifacts in certain shapes.
    Updated various icons throughout the interface to be correct (e.g. in the right-click menu and elsewhere)
  • We rolled out a change to opt everyone in our new image delivery service -- this should result in faster image load times throughout the VTT.

April 25, 2024

Community Preview Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

  • The Feats section has been divided into four types: Ancestry, Class, General, and Skill Feats! Keeping your feats organized is easier than ever before. Your previously added Feats default to “General Feats” category, and you can adjust the Type in edit view to recategorize them.
  • Additionally, Features have been separated from Feats and given their own management window with streamlined fields.

April 19, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Fixed a bug where if you were moving tokens with Preview as Player mode enabled, and you had Explorer Mode enabled, it could cause Dynamic Lighting to break.
  • We've rename the "Send to Front" option to "Bring to Front" in the context menu to be more clear about what that does.
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes when you loaded into a game that had custom token markers set, the token markers didn't appear until you added/removed a token marker on the token. So custom token markers should be fully working now with the exception of the numbers on the markers.
  • Fixed a bug where if you did a Focus Ping (to have your players pan to a spot on the map), the Dynamic Lighting would lag behind and be weird for the players.
  • Players should no longer see the outline/border of the map area (that was for GMs so they could tell where the visible boundaries were).

April 16, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • There's now a Jumpgate Achievement Badge that you can earn by joining any Jumpgate game on Roll20. It should automatically show up in your profile if you join a Jumpgate game from today onward.
  • We've made some major improvements to load speed when loading pages that have lots of drawings on them -- you should see much faster load times on these pages in Jumpgate!
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes throw an error about rebuilding the initiative list.
  • Fixed a bug where bold/italic text could sometimes get split into multiple lines of text.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't select a filled shape immediately after creating it.
  • Fixed a bug where after deleting a drawing, if the user marquee selects in the upper left-hand corner of the map/off map area, a ghost is selected.

April 11, 2024

Community Preview Second Edition Remaster Character sheet

  • Added a “What’s New!” log directly to the sheet to highlight some of the largest sheet improvements and changes. You can reference or access this information through a gift icon on the top left hand side of your sheet.

  • Made additional Spells Tab adjustments including, adding free text form for “Cast Time” for Rituals, added “Cost” field to all Spells

April 10, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Cleans up a bunch of old code that you all don't care about but makes our devs very, very happy
  • Adds back in support for the "numbers" on the status markers.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing a race condition where sometimes graphics would not load into the game and you would only see a white screen or the dynamic lighting layer. This is the same bug that folks were reporting with having the turn tracker open leading to issues with pages not loading properly.
  • We now remember the zoom and page location you were on when you switch pages in the same session. So when you switch back, you should be at the same spot you and zoom level you were at before!
  • For the GM, we now show the area that is hidden from players by showing that area of the map layer of the page as semi-transparent (similar to the effect we use for the GM Layer). This should make it easier to align the map to the edges of the page and also make it clearer to the GM what is or isn't visible to players.

April 8, 2024

Roll20 Characters

  • When choosing a sheet to create a character with, you will now see the languages that a sheet has been translated into so that you can see if the sheet is right for you. Also, if the sheet is not already translated into your language, you can help to get the sheet translated by signing up to be a translator for that sheet. Create a character today and check it out!

Roll20 Character Sheets - Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Sheet:

  • Enhancement to the sheet's Spells Tab is finally here! You can now enter prepared, spontaneous, focus, and innate spell types and rituals and organize them by spell-casting method. Each type of Spell surfaces only relevant information, and allows you to automatically track Spell usage, cast Spells, and add attack and damage rolls. In addition, you can now click on rollable text to automatically execute a roll when you have any dice references within a description of a Spell. For example, you can now roll "6d12+5 fire damage" from text description of a Spell. Please give it a try and share your feedback so we can continue to improve this.
  • Updated the expand/collapse design from a bar to a chevron in roll templates and across the sheet to make that functionality more discoverable based on user feedback and testing.

April 4, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • We fixed a bug where radial menus and token actions were displaying for the wrong tokens. A lot of you have reported this, and apologies for how long it took us to figure out why this is happening since I know it was disruptive for your games. But hopefully this should be fixed now!
  • When moving an object on the Map Layer, there will no longer be a "ghost image" left behind, to match the behavior on production and also make it easier to align things to the grid.
  • Toggling Daylight Mode in the Fog of War UI will now correctly update it in Page Settings as well.
  • Auras were broken when using non-integer radius settings (e.g. "0.63") -- this should be fixed now.
  • We've improved our handling of pinch to zoom on touch devices (e.g. iPad) so you shouldn't accidentally move objects around while zooming.

April 2, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Custom token marker sets including Marketplace sets should be working now. Note that if you previously applied a custom token marker to a token, you may have to add/remove at least one to get them to show up.
  • "Is Drawing" objects should no longer snap to the grid when resizing/rotating them.
  • We pushed out some performance improvements to drawings that should make them more performant in general.
  • Mod Scripts that rely on the selected token information to function should now be working properly.
  • The @{target} macros/rolls should now be working properly.
  • Initiative rolling (i.e. pressing the "roll initiative button" on a character sheet) should now be properly adding the token to the turn order.

Mar 29, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • Custom token marker sets (including Marketplace sets) should now be functioning properly.
  • Jumpgate games should now respect the account-wide Pan/Zoom scroll default you have set -- this fixes the bug where after loading into a Jumpgate game you might have to toggle that setting to get it to "stick".
  • The Explorable tab should no longer be indefinitely locked in the Fog of War UI
  • The turn on and fill button should be working properly on new pages
  • Fixed a bug where filling fog on Explorable mode was filling with Permanent Darkness
  • Fixed a bug where the Fog of War menu was not updating when Fog was toggled from On->Off in Page Settings
  • Using the Reveal All button should work immediately now without needing a refresh.
  • Changing the tool while using the Fog of War polygon tool should no longer leave an artifact.
  • Using the Resize to Fit function should no longer cause images to appear in an incorrect front-to back order.
  • Using the Zoom to Fit function should no longer throw an error.

Mar 28, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

  • That "ghost image" issue noted above where large images were leaving behind a ghost that wasn't responsive when you moved them should be fixed.
  • The torch and default character icons should be working again.
  • You should be able to turn on Dynamic Lighting without needing to reload the page.
  • Using @{selected} with rolls/macros should be working properly.
  • Dragging and dropping items from the Compendium (such as Monsters) onto the tabletop is now working correctly.
  • We've changed how texture filtering works, and things should look much smoother and less blocky overall, especially for lower resolution tokens.
  • We've adjusted the threshold for allowing mouse movement when doing a long-press to do a Ping -- this should make it feel more consistent so it happens when you want it to and not on accident.
  • Toggling on/off Dynamic Lighting and Explorer Mode should no longer require a reload to actually activate.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the position to desync during multiselect.
  • Dragging and dropping when the Pan tool is active should no longer have weird behavior.

Mar 27, 2024

Roll20 Tabletop Jumpgate Beta

The Jumpgate Beta for Pro Users has arrived. If you haven't heard about Project Jumpgate yet, be sure to check out our announcement blog post.

If you’re a Pro User, you’ll have to choose to opt any new games you create into the Beta by using the “Opt into Jumpgate Beta” checkbox on the Create New Game page. You’ll be able to tell you’re in a Jumpgate game because the startup logo for the game will be the Jumpgate logo instead of the standard Roll20 logo.

Jumpgate features a completely new rendering engine, with faster performance for your games, and allows us to provide a smoother experience on a wider range of devices. In addition to that, you will find many new user experience tweaks and changes that should make using Roll20 even more delightful. Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • Zooming has been greatly improved!
    • Zooming should be overall more performant and much smoother.
    • Zooming will now zoom to the location of your cursor
    • Radial menus will remain in the correct position while zooming
    • You can hold down the Shift key while zooming to do precision zooming
  • Panning has been greatly improved!
    • Panning should be overall more performant and much smoother.
    • You can now freely pan around the entire area of the map, without being restricted by the bounds of the page.
  • You can now place objects anywhere you’d like on the screen, including outside the bounds of the page itself. 
    • Any objects that you place outside the page boundary will be visible to only the GM.
  • The right-click context menu has been reworked with a brand new design
    • In addition, we’ve surfaced many menu actions that were previously only available to players via keyboard shortcuts
    • You can now perform actions on groups of objects all at once with the right-click menu including locking their position.
  • We’ll now automatically choose a default Frame Rate Limit for you based on the quality of your detected graphics card. You can override this setting and change it manually still under the Settings tab, in the Graphics section.
  • For Mac users, the CPU usage when joining a video call inside the Roll20 VTT using our Integrated Voice and Video platform has been greatly reduced, so you should have a better game experience. (We also rolled this out to non-Jumpgate games as well!)
  • The Page Folders feature is always enabled for all Jumpgate games.
  • Token bars, nameplates, and markers now scale down when the token is smaller than 1 cell and remain legible even at small sizes
    • Token bars now have a max width and their text has better legibility
  • The Fog of War system has been completely overhauled, and the Dynamic Lighting system has been unified into a single backend system.
    • There's a new UI for the Fog of War tool that should make it more clear what it is that you're able to do with adding and removing fog.
    • The basic Fog of War system is now integrated into the overall Dynamic Lighting system. So basic Fog of War and Permanent Darkness for Dynamic Lighting are now the same functionality.
  • The Legacy Dynamic Lighting system has been removed and is not available in Jumpgate games.
  • In addition, Legacy Dynamic Lighting is no longer available for newly created games -- old games and modules remaining in the classic system can continue to use Legacy Dynamic Lighting until Jumpgate leaves Beta later this year.
  • Pasting multiple times in a row will now spread out the objects you have pasted so you can easily see them and move them.
  • Undo has been greatly improved, and we’ve added Redo!
    • The Ctrl+Y/Cmd+Y shortcut will now Redo if you Undo something and want to revert your Undo
    • There’s now support for undoing and redoing a wider variety of actions; we’ll continue to add more throughout the Beta.
    • Undo and Redo are now page specific – so if you change to a different page and press Undo, you won’t have something weird happen
  • We’ve begun the process of improving support for tablets and other touch devices.
    • The performance is majorly improved
    • Panning and zooming now work well, long-press to bring up the context menu works better, etc.
    • Multi-gestures are possible (i.e. start a marquee select, zoom or pan, keep selecting)
    • We’ll continue to work on making this a better experience throughout the Jumpgate Beta, but this work is still in early development.
  • The Ping system has been completely overhauled
    • We now have a new system for pings in the backend
    • The default ping has been improved when you click and hold on the tabletop
    • More on this coming soon!
  • Improved keyboard movement for hex and iso/dimetric grid types
  • You can now Copy and Paste doors and windows
  • When dragging to select multiple objects with the marquee tool, you will now see immediate feedback on what you’re selecting
  • Token tooltips are more responsive to hovering and are easier to see
  • Auras resize dynamically with token and isometric circle auras are more accurately sized
  • Pressing X to show previous movement toggles into a mode where all previous moves will persist until deselected
  • Snap to edge for all grid types works
  • We also improved snapping when resizing, and you’ll now see that tokens will snap at half and quarter size inside of a grid cell.
  • Measurement distances when using hex grids should now work properly

Mar 26, 2024

  • Roll20 Characters
    • We released shared dice rolls on Roll20 Characters! This means that when you roll from your character (outside the VTT) and that character is in a game, everyone else can see the result. This will make it easier to play directly from the character in Roll20 Characters and still share in the anticipation of your critical success, or hilarious fumble. Have Fun!

Mar 25, 2024

  • Roll20 Characters Sheets

      • Made Traits enhancements to Developing Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet: added references to trait definitions via tooltips within the sheet, and added badges to Agile, Finesse, and Deadly trait icons which include sheet automation.

Mar 19, 2024

  • Roll20 Characters
    • We released new styling for the roll log in preparation for Shared Dice rolls coming soon. 

Mar 15, 2024

  • Roll20 Characters
    • The Dune: Adventures in Imperium character sheet is now live and ready for character creation. Make your own character. 

Mar 14, 2024

  • Roll20 Characters Sheets

    • Pathfinder Second Edition Character Sheet: Fixed a drag & drop minimancer bug that was causing failures with the Spellbook Prodigy feat.

    • We’ve made some additional updates to our developing Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

      • Added visual polish to roleplay tab, collapsing sections, and added styling to the list of traits when something was rolled to chat

      • Updated the strikes proficiency dropdown in edit mode to display the calculated value instead of showing “automatic”; updated Tab number indicator in the feats modal to display animation

      • Resolved a bug which impacted dropdown selections across the sheet (like skill proficiencies) to not register

Mar 13, 2024

    • Changes to how Community Content appears on Publisher Pages

    • Community Content Titles now show "by" the Community Content Author
    • Added links to official social media accounts
    • Product Pages Show Ratings Breakdown when a product only has ratings, and no reviews.

    • Fix ambiguous text on notifications for Ratings (stars) and Reviews (text)
    • Featured Product Messages show custom text, and have been added to Category Pages

    • Change to prevent extra characters at the end of URLs from breaking links
    • Color updates to date select for purchasing as a gift
    • Change to product cover images so that all of the image shows
    • Deal of the Day links have proper src codes included
    • Fixed an issue with order summary page showing item's current prices instead of what was paid
    • Fixed issue causing hidden messages on Checkout page
    • Improvement to Product Pages preview links
    • Various minor bug fixes and enhancements

Mar 5, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • Fixed a bug which was causing the interface to show up half in light-mode and half in dark-mode when first loading into the VTT.
    • Added a "Help and Documentation" link to the "More" menu in the Toolbar to give easy access to common questions and answers.

Mar 1, 2024

  • Updates made to fix a few bugs on the Call of Cthulhu Official Character sheet:
    • Adjusted NPC attacks to populate from a weapon drop

    • Adjusted Weapon drops to assign default values to non-repeating custom combat skills

    • Fixed Luck rolls not showing their target number

  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:
    • When using a Strike with Deadly trait, a Critical Damage roll automatically triggers a repeat dice roll to double strike’s damage.

Feb 29, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • In the compendium panel, the search results now pull back results that are from headers within a compendium page. This means that you should be able to get to what you're looking for when it is buried within a compendium page.

Feb 22, 2024 

  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet
    • Added a level modal where you can adjust your XP
    • Fixed a bug where new Language entries weren’t deleting after re-loading the sheet
  • Call of Cthulhu Arkham: Updates made in the official Call of Cthulhu sheet to support the new Arkham content.
    • When adding new wishlists, the dropdown will update without refreshing
    • Checkout with Roll20 items has better error messaging 
    • Title Strips now include all items even if only sold as printed products
    • Various other Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Feb 19, 2024

  • Roll20 Characters
    • A new error message will be shown when a character loads with problematic data. This could mean that you need to try reloading the character. If you continue to have problems, please contact support.
    • Fixed a regression bug where the name of the game that the character was imported from was no longer showing. Now you can see the name of the game again. Sorry about that.
  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

    • Enhanced “Raise Shield” wording to reflect the current state

    • Removed Notes from Language section in Roleplay tab to reduce confusion

    • Fixed a bug where perception rolls weren’t accurately including conditions and other bonuses & penalties

    • Orders for Roll20 products with errors send the user links to repair the problems.
    • Orders from all sites are now shown in Order History.
    • Faster caching speeds up new products showing up on the catalog and title strips.
    • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Feb 13, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • If you add an item to your image library without placing it into a folder, there was a bug that made it not able to be dropped onto the tabletop that has now been fixed.
    • Saving the settings of a game that is using a custom sheet should redirect you back to the game settings page.
    • You can see a breakdown of star ratings for each product.
    • You can now ask for daily notifications from the Deal of the Day product.
    • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Feb 8, 2024

  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

    • Fixed a bug where proficiency dropdown selectors were cut off in the edit modal

    • Fixed a bug where trigger field was not clearing after adding a new Action

    • Fixed a bug where strikes for weapons added from the inventory modal were incorrectly using Strength modifier (instead of hit points from the Weapon)

Feb 6, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • The new compendium panel should load even faster now for users that have a LOT of content. We now wait to load any content within an expandable accordion until you open up that specific accordion. 
    • The cursor icon for the Freehand and Polygon drawing tools has been changed to the crosshair instead of the custom icons for those tools.
    • We fixed a bug where sometimes Measurement Tool artifacts (like little waypoints) were getting stuck if you stopped doing a Measurement partway through the process.
    • We've re-added the header and footer links in Compendium pages that you access in the VTT (so for example you can switch between different sources for pages that have similar content in multiple source books).
    • The Game Settings page should no longer show an "unsaved changes" warning when navigating away from the page, and if you click the Save Changes button you'll be auto-redirected back to the Game Details page. In addition, some parts of that page that were untranslated will now support localization.

Feb 5, 2024

  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

    • When using a Strike with the Agile trait, Multi Attack Penalty will automatically display and utilize the adjusted values of -4 and -8 (instead of -5 and -10)

Feb 1, 2024

  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

    • New Feature! Added custom effects handling for Conditions, Feats and Inventory, allowing users to simulate effects like Barbarian Rage or homebrew any set of bonuses and penalties as a single effect - applying or removing them at the click of a button

    • Enhanced coin tracker to allow for adding and subtracting currency

    • Adjusted visual cues and clarity in Spell DC inputs, dropdowns, and dialog windows

    • Fixed a bug where character name didn’t appear in damage rolls executed via Sheet Settings

Jan 31, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • We've added a new feature to the Measure Tool where the tool will now remember the last state it was in when you switch back to it.
    • If you collapse the tool's settings into the toolbar, and then switch to another tool such as Select to move a token, then come back to the Measure Tool, it will remain docked.

Jan 25, 2024

  • Community Preview Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:
    • When using a Strike with the Finesse trait, “Bonus to Hit” will automatically update based on the higher of the two modifiers - Dexterity or Strength
    • Default character on the sheet is updated
    • Newly created weapons were updated to display the dice count & type that you entered instead of the default “1d4”

Jan 22, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • Added functionality to the color picker with the New Toolbar update that will allow you to manually specify alpha values (e.g. you can enter "#00000080" for semi-transparent black).
    • Fixed a bug where the drop-down to pick dice type was not appearing in the Advanced Dice Roller.
    • Fixed a bug where Dark Mode CSS wasn't loading correctly for some users.
  • We’ve made some additional updates to our developing Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet:

    • Added feedback form link to the top of the sheet, so you can have an easier time sharing with us where to take the sheet next!

    • Added visual polish to roleplay tab, collapsing sections, and added styling to the list of traits when something was rolled to chat

    • Updated the strikes proficiency dropdown in edit mode to display the calculated value instead of showing “automatic” and Tab number indicator in the feats modal to display animation

    • Resolved a bug which impacted dropdown selections across the sheet (like skill proficiencies) to not register

Jan 18, 2024

  • Roll20 Character Sheets
    • Since the community preview of Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet was released last week, we've added visual polish to inputs in edit dialogues on Encounters tab, enhanced traits inputs so they are easier to click and added visual polish, and updated new items to default to worn or held depending on the item. Check out the sheet here

Jan 16, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • The New Toolbar is now available for everyone! After a year of development and thousands of pieces of feedback from our users, we're pleased to roll out the first piece of our UI Redesign to all users -- the new toolbar.
    • The Roll20 tutorial has been revamped to work with the new toolbar and has also had fun tooltip videos added to better explain each step.
    • The "UI Redesign" flag has been renamed to the "Beta Features" flag. Users who are already opted-in will stay opted-in. Page Folders and the New Compendium Search are now behind this flag.
    • For those opted into the Beta Features flag, thew New Compendium search will now be the default. There is still a separate toggle to opt out of this if you'd like.
    • The Measure Tool settings box should disappear automatically when you are measuring if it is undocked.

Jan 11, 2024

  • Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Character sheet is available as a community preview within Roll20 Characters; check out more details here.

  • Marvel Multiverse RPG Character Sheet: Fixed a bug where Origins that limit power options limited options even when a second, unlimited Origin was selected.

Jan 10, 2024

  •  Roll20 Tabletop
    • Important Reminder: The New Toolbar will become the only toolbar in Roll20 on January 16th! You can preview the toolbar by opting in to the UI Redesign in the Settings tab in the VTT. In preparation for this we've made several improvements to the New Toolbar today:
      • The New Toolbar has had several accessibility improvements made to it, and now should be more easily navigated when using a screen reader or keyboard shortcuts.
      • The Measure Tool can now be docked into the toolbar, so that you can get it out of your way while you're measuring things!
      • Fixed a bug where players were seeing the "Clear Drawings" button in the New Toolbar.
    • When using the Compendium inside of the VTT, you should see much faster response times (up to 4x faster in some cases). This will apply to opening Compendium pages from the sidebar search and when using the Charactermancer to create your characters.

Jan 3, 2024

  • Roll20 Tabletop
    • The Compendium Sidebar search results now scroll the full length of the results every time instead of sometimes stopping early for some users.
  • Roll20 Characters
    • Creating a new character from one of the 4 feature sheets will now disable the button once you click it until you are taken to the new character so that you don't accidentally create multiple new characters without knowing it.
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