Macro Quick Bar

You can create quick access buttons for any of your macros that will appear in a bar located at the bottom of the screen beneath player names.

Enabling the Macro Quick Bar

To enable the Macro Bar, you must first have a macro created. From this point, select the Show Macro Quick Bar? checkbox located in the Collections tab of the Sidebar. Then, to fully display the Macro Bar, simply check any macros you would like to display by checking the In Bar option for that macro.





Changing the Macro Quick Bar

Rearranging Macros

The quick bar, and any macros that you have selected should now appear on the bottom of your screen, underneath the character portraits. If you'd like to re-arrange the buttons on the bar, hover your mouse over the button that you'd like to move. A handle will appear on the right side of the button. You can drag the button around the bar by using this handle. Click on that handle to reorganize the button or drag it off to remove it.

Macro Menu

You can also right click on a Macro Button in the Macro Quick Bar to bring up a configuration menu which gives you access to a couple of simple features that affect how the macro is displayed for the local user


Select the Rename entry to bring up a dialog prompting you for a new name to display for the macro. This is particularly useful for macros created by dragging buttons out of character sheets.


Select the Color entry to bring up a color picker. This allows you to change the background color of the Macro Button to make it easier to pick out your different buttons visually. The color of the button text will change to maintain contrast with the chosen background color.


Macro Quick Bar from Character Sheets

The Macro Quick Bar allows users to drag and drop roll buttons from the character sheet onto a macro bar at the bottom of the sheet. This then turns the roll button macro you dropped into a macro that’s available in your macro bar!



How to use it?

  • Make sure the buttons on your character sheet are roll buttons.
    • Many sheets use a different types of buttons to perform rolls. These types will not work for the Macro Quick Bar.
  • Drag the roll button toward the bottom of the VTT (A notification bar will then appear at the bottom of the sheet). 


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