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We’ve been hard at work on an update for our toolbar, and we’re excited to bring it to your tables. The Tabletop Toolbar provides you with a variety of useful tools for manipulating the table as well as objects on the table such as maps and tokens. Note that some tools may require you to click the button with your mouse pointer to view all the available options. Many of these tools are explained in more detail on their own help pages; we've included links to read more about the tool where available.

Can I Switch Back to the Legacy Toolbar? 


To navigate back to the Legacy Toolbar, simply navigate to the Settings button on the toolbar, hover over it, and select Opt Out of UI Redesign. 

From there, you’ll have access to the legacy toolbar once more!



You can also switch in between the new and legacy Toolbar by going to the Personalization & Display section of your settings menu, and toggling the New Toolbar button. Switching between Toolbars will cause the page to reload. 

Can I give feedback on the new Toolbar? 

Yes. We’re actively looking for user feedback on this redesign, because we aren't switching over to this new toolbar until we reach certain levels of adoption. We want to make sure this new update works for your games.

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In order to give some feedback on our new design, please reach out here.

Toolbar Overview

Here is an overview of all of the tools on the new toolbar, from top to bottom. 

  1. Settings
  2. Select 
  3. Pan
  4. Draw
  5. Text
  6. Effects (GM Only) 
  7. Lighting (GM Only) 
  8. Fog Of War (GM Only)
  9. Measure
  10. Turn Order (GM Only) 
  11. Dice

For GMs, the bottom half of the Toolbar is now an easy way to toggle between each map layer. 

  1. Layer - Tokens (GM Only)
  2. Layer - GM (GM Only)
  3. Layer - Light (GM Only)
  4. Layer - Map (GM Only) 



1. Settings

The top tool on our new Toolbar is for Settings. A new place for quickly accessing the most frequently accessed settings on the tabletop:

  • Preview as Player (Ctrl+L while on a token) is a quick way to preview Dynamic Lighting and Fog Of War from a Player's point of view. 
  • Copy Game Link is the link needed to give a player in order to join your game. 
  • Dark Mode is a toggle to switch between Light and Dark mode as needed. 
  • Give Feedback is an easy-accessed link to provide your feedback about our new toolbar. We're hoping to hear from you! 
  • Opt Out Of UI Beta is how to switch back to our Legacy Toolbar.
  • Exit Game is a way leave your game once your session is done. 
2. Select

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(Ctrl+S) We now have separate buttons for the Select and Pan movement features. Selecting is for selecting tokens, maps, and anything else on the VTT to move or manipulate as you see fit. Players will only be able to select the tokens they have permissions for. Check out our Select and Pan Tools article to learn more! 
3. Pan

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(Right Click+Drag) Panning is for moving the map around while you're on the go! Check out our Select and Pan Tools article to learn more! 
4. Draw

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(Ctrl+F) The Drawing Tools let you draw free-hand as well as shapes on the tabletop that everyone can see! Learn more about our Drawing tools on our Drawing and Text Tools article in the Help Center. 
5. Text

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(Ctrl+G) The Text tool allows you to add text to any of your layers. Learn more about our Text tool on our Drawing and Text Tools article in the Help Center. 
6. Effects (Subscription Feature, GM Only)


The Custom FX, available only to GMs of a game, allows you to create more particle emission patterns than the small number of built-in effects. You can play with the FX yourself on the FX Playground. Learn more by checking out our article on the FX tool.
7. Lighting (Subscription Feature, GM Only)

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The Dynamic Lighting Feature Tool allows GMs to place lights, windows, and doors with ease. Windows and Doors affect player visibility and path. The place light tool will create a lighted token on whatever layer you currently have selected. That token will emit Bright Light for 20 feet and Low Light for 20 feet. After placement- the light settings can be changed in the token settings like any other Token. Learn more about each of these Lighting Tools here. 
8. Fog Of War (GM Only)

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The Fog of War feature allows you to manually reveal areas of the map to your players. Learn more by checking out our article on Fog Of War.
9. Measure

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The Measure tool lets you click and drag to measure distances on the table. While you measure, you can choose to show your measurement line with other players so you can discuss what you're measuring, or you can limit the measurement line visibility to just yourself and your GM.

Learn more by checking out our updated toolbar page on the Ruler tool.

10. Turn Order (GM Only)

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The Roll20 Turn Tracker provides a method to aid in turn-based games or with initiative by presenting an interactive list to the group. Learn more by checking out our Turn Tracker article. 
11. Dice

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The Dice Roller is a tool which makes it easy to perform dice rolls in Roll20 without needed to type in formulas or roll commands. Learn more by checking out our article on our Dice Rolling GUI.
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