The Tabletop

The tabletop is the largest portion of the play-space. This is where you set up your battle maps, board spaces, and place your tokens. You can also use it as a temporary drawing or writing space for your needs on-the-fly.


Tokens can represent characters, monsters, NPCs, and much more! Here you will find information on what makes up a token as well as how to configure connections to characters to automate aspects of your game.

Play Area

Making maps, custom drawings, and preparing for encounters can be rewarding work. This guide will provide you with the information you need to bring your ideas to the table!

Dynamic Lighting and Fog of War

Want to bring in a little extra suspense or realism to your games? Enrich your experience with our Fog of War, Dynamic Lighting, and Advanced Fog of War! These guides will walk you through how to immerse your players even further!

Extra Tools and Keybinds

Need a macro at your finger tips at all times? Need to adjust where everyone's avatar is on the Tabletop? Just wish you could use your keyboard more? We got you covered!

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