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Information on becoming a Creator for the Roll20 marketplace can be found on this page. What follows is documentation meant to assist marketplace Creators on best practices for asset creation on the Roll20 platform.

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Common Questions

What sort of content is Roll20 interested in for the Marketplace?

We are interested in polished, premium content that users will be interested in purchasing for their games. Common examples include creature tokens, map tiles and assets, and short adventure content. There is a huge amount of creativity on the Marketplace and we would love to hear your ideas!

How does the Marketplace work?

The Roll20 Marketplace exists as a distribution center, promoting professional level content for the Roll20 VTT. Creators retain ownership of their content and take 70% of all sales (with the remaining 30% going to Roll20 for distributing, advertising, and hosting the content, along with handling all credit card transaction fees).

When are creators paid?

All creators owed are paid on or before the seventh of every month. All payments are issued via PayPal and a valid PayPal email is required to sell on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Are you only interested in paid items? Why not free content?

The Roll20 Marketplace is structured around the following beliefs:

  • If content is worth hosting, it's worth paying for.
  • If content is good, it takes effort to make. That's effort is worth pay.
  • Free content can undervalue paid content, hurting other creators.
  • There are some limited exceptions to this philosophy (such as Adventure Previews from select publishers), but these core beliefs have made the Marketplace what it is today.

How do I apply to join the Marketplace?

We have Marketplace Creators from all over the world! In order to apply to be a Roll20 Marketplace creator, you must be eligible to work in the US. You will be required to fill out a W-9 (US) or a W-8BEN (International). 

Applications to the Marketplace consist of:

  • Through our web form with the title “Roll20 Marketplace Application”
  • An introduction to your work and what you would like to bring to the Marketplace
  • Several samples of your work (.jpg, .png or .pdf under 10mb only, no zip files accepted)

What happens if I'm accepted?

As listed above, creators are required to complete a W-9 for US residents or a W-8BEN for International creators. We also will include a Merchant Agreement to review. Please fill out these forms and return them to us near the completion of your first content pack. We will then prepare a Publisher Page for you to upload and tag your content, and an invitation to our Marketplace Creator Mailing List and Discord. All Marketplace items go through an upload and approval process which is detailed in further Marketplace documentation.

Can I sell full adventures / modules / games?

Yes, but only complete packages. Any adventures or modules need to have all the necessary artwork and publishing rights to sell a full experience. We expect the Marketplace to provide a "one click" method to users. You will also be expected to assemble your game within Roll20 (no programming required-- just taking the time to assemble the game within the interface as if you were prepping it for players). For more information about the process, please check the following.

Some Marketplace Creators offer commercial licenses for their work to enhance adventures. Feel free to reach out to any creator who has commercial licenses listed in their publisher profile.

What are the technical specifications of Roll20 artwork?

The Helpdesk articles listed at the top of this page will help you with specific product information.

Publisher Inquiries

Here is a common list of questions from publishers looking to get their products on to the Roll20 Marketplace. If you have a question that falls outside of these examples, feel free to contact us through our web form.

I want to include Roll20 in my crowdfunding campaign as a reward!

Roll20 works with publishers on an individual basis for crowdfunding campaigns. Use of the Roll20 trademark without our authorization is not allowed. Do not promise Roll20 rewards for your campaign without our permission. Doing so is cause for us to contact the crowdfunding platform to have unauthorized use pulled from the site.

In order to provide Roll20 support in a crowdfunding campaign, publishers must follow these guidelines:

  • Contact us before moving forward on any crowdfunding campaign. We must know about the campaign before it begins.
  • Publishers must have released at least one completed similar product on the Roll20 Marketplace OR be 80% through the product so Roll20 can confirm the quality of the product.
  • Roll20 must approve all language around Roll20 support before the campaign goes live.
  • Publishers must pay for codes for Roll20 product. This is detailed in the email process.
  • Stretch Goals are only accepted for Sheet Development, not product conversions. Roll20 product must be considered as a part of the base campaign, and never a stretch goal.
  • If you would like to feature Roll20 support in your crowdfunding campaign, please contact us through our web form with the word “Crowdfunding” in the title.

How do I get my game on Roll20?

Support on Roll20 can come in a lot of different ways. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular:

What’s the quickest way to get my TTRPG products on the Roll20 Marketplace?

Our simplest conversion products are art and map packs. Creating art and maps uses assets that many publishers already have in their library of product. Card decks and card games are also very easy to bring into the Marketplace. The next step includes adventure modules, which usually require an existing character sheet to be a useful Marketplace Item.

If you would like to contact us about references for contractors familiar with creating Modules on Roll20, please contact us through through our web form with the subject line “Module Contractor.” While working with contractors, we recommend that the publisher create the games that then their contractors work out of with their personal Roll20 accounts. It makes later updates much easier as the base game exists in the publisher account.

For more information about creating items for the Roll20 Marketplace, check out the Helpdesk links at the top of this page.

Character Sheets

Character Sheets are created with a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Many games have community developed sheets, but we recommend that publishers maintain their own sheets, especially if they wish to use it as a base for Marketplace Products.

If a publisher is in complete control of a sheet and what updates are done to that sheet, it is eligible to become one of our "Publisher Supported" sheets, which is a special designation when choosing a character sheet. If you would like your submitted sheet on this list, please contact us through our web form with the subject line "Publisher Supported Sheet"

If you would like to contact us about references for contractors familiar with creating Character Sheets on Roll20, please contact us through through our web form with the subject line “Character Sheet Contractor.”

The length of development time for a Character Sheet ranges from 20-500+ hours

To learn more about Character Sheet creation, visit the Roll20 Help Center.

Our GitHub repository for sheets is located here -

Game List

When filling out a user profile, creating a game, or making a Looking for Group listing, Roll20 users can choose from a preexisting list of games that they’re interested in. If you would like your game added to our games list, it first needs a Character Sheet. If you have a game on Roll20 that doesn’t require a Character Sheet (such as For the Queen or Dialect) please reach out to us through our web form with the subject line “Game List.”

Compendium Products

Adding structured data Compendiums on Roll20 is a time and labor intensive process at this time. We recommend that all publishers begin with text-only Compendiums, and work in structured data at a later time. More information about Compendiums can be found at the Roll20 Help Center.

The length of development time for a typical Compendium ranges from 100-400 hours

Charactermancer Products

Charactermancer for Roll20 must be built off of an existing Character Sheet that has been designed with the Charactermancer in mind. At this time, we are only accepting Charactermancer compendiums that have been created by publishers or contractors with previous Charactermancer experience. If you are interested in working with one of our vetted contractors, please contact us through our web form with the subject line “Charactermancer Contractor.”

The length of development time for a Charactermancer ranges from 200-500+ hours

Got it! Now what?

To move forward with becoming a publisher on the Roll20 Marketplace, please email with the subject line "Publisher Inquiry" and include the following:

- Relevant links to existing products
- Samples of artwork and writing from the product

Note: Roll20 needs to speak with appropriate representatives for the product. We cannot work with a third party until all contracts are in place in order to have proper legal distribution of content.

I am an indie creator and would like some help getting on the Roll20 platform.

Roll20 takes on a limited number of indie conversions per year to support the community with very special projects. If you feel that your game brings positive, interesting, diverse, and unique gaming experiences to the world, we would love to hear from you! Please email contact us through our web form with the title “Indie on Roll20” with a description of your game, links to your product’s webpage, and why you feel it has the opportunity to do good in the world.

How do I promote my products on the Roll20 Marketplace once they are released?

The majority of discovery for Roll20 products comes from building an interested user base through regular releases, and your own community of fans.

Here are some ways that you can promote your content and grow your audience naturally:

  • Release a product every 1-3 months. This helps keep your products at the top of the list, and grows name recognition with Roll20 users
  • Already have a blog, forum or mailing list? Be sure to announce that your products are now on Roll20 and provide links to where your community can buy them!
  • Feature links to the Roll20 versions of the product on your website’s product page
  • Send press releases to your contacts featuring the debut of your content on Roll20
  • Cross promote the Roll20 version of product in your physical or digital products with page inserts or flyers. Reach out to us through our web form if you would like to purchase a number of promo codes for tracking engagement
  • Encourage your community streamers to try out the Roll20 version of your product
  • Invite Roll20 staff to talk about the platform and your product at events, on stream, or on a podcast
  • Search for user generated content for your product on social media & encourage them (within reason) to use your product on Roll20
  • We also look for specific hashtags and mentions on social media (such as @roll20app) and make sure to boost them! Make sure to tag us on all social media posts in order to guarantee we see your posts. We prefer posts to stories as they are easier to share on both Facebook and Instagram. 

We occasionally offer some additional ways to feature Marketplace product to our users. Please contact us through our web form if you are interested in any of the following promotions. These are limited and subject to approval.

  • Roll20 Blog Posts - Editorial, Interview, Podcast and Video highlights available
  • Thursday Marketplace Roundup
  • Featuring Video Content - you create, we share! We feature both streams and video content that utilizes Roll20. We have limited availability if you would like to request one of our Roll20 Spotlight casts to stream your product
  • Banner ads - limited, contact us for details
  • Email blast - includes content from our Marketplace Roundup
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