Marketplace Quality Requirements

This is a living document - expect changes as we continue to improve out documentation in the coming months

Note: Products may be removed from the Roll20 Marketplace at any time at our discretion. These guidelines are to assist in communicating what goes into approving packs.


Asset Quality

The Roll20 Marketplace strives to be a place where users are getting great assets to use in their games. Artists of many skill levels, styles, and genres come together on the Marketplace to make this happen. In an effort to provide a quality experience for our users, we will follow the following quality guidelines for approvals:

  • Submitted work must be of a skilled quality

    • Example: No “MSPaint” style maps

  • Submitted work must function well for its purpose on the tabletop

    • Example: No “cut off” transparent tokens

  • Submitted work must appropriately cite any licensed content in the description of the item

    • Example: Creative Commons License

  • Submitted work must always meet or exceed examples given by the Marketplace Creator when applying


Unique Assets

We encourage artists to use a majority of unique assets in all their packs. There are times when recolors, reskins, or other artistic methods may be necessary to make a vibrant selection on the Marketplace. That is allowed, but under the following circumstances:

  • No more than five “skins” in any Art Token Pack

    • Example: A red, yellow, green, blue, purple fish token, all using the same line art.

  • Background variants also count towards this total. Please use your best judgement in keeping the number of similar tokens reasonable. When in doubt, we will ask for the Creator to resubmit.
    • Example: Red, blue, yellow backgrounds on tokens that are also skinned with different colors.
  • No more than five “reskin” packs on the Marketplace

    • Example: Map tile set using the same assets reskinned as obsidian, desert, forest, crypt, and marble.
  • No more than one “reskin” will be approved in a two week period

    • This is to avoid “flooding” and to keep the Marketplace offerings fresh.

  • Note: Some allowances may be made based on specific pack needs.
    • Example: Token Pack that measures specific distances in 5 ft increments. These uses should be clear from the pack description.

Commercially Licensed Assets

From our experience and feedback, Roll20 users prefer handcrafted assets on the Marketplace. As such, we do not recommend applying with re-licensed assets and content created by third-party programs. Our current policy is to not accept tokens or map packs created with programs such as Inkarnate or DungeonDraft. We may occasionally make exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis for transformative works such as Animations, Adventure Modules, and Addons.

Regular Releases

The Roll20 Marketplace encourages Marketplace Creators to upload regularly over time. We prioritize new content along with supporting Creators who upload regularly. To help keep the Roll20 Marketplace diverse, we have a few guidelines

  • Creators may submit up to 5 pieces of content a week for approval.

  • As stated above, creators submitting “color swapped” or other same-asset packs will be approved once every two weeks

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