Custom Token Marker Documentation for Creators

The Custom Token Markers on the Marketplace

This January Roll20 released an exciting, long-and-much-requested, new feature: Custom Token Markers!

You can find more about their use, including API information here.

Creating Token Marker Sets for the Marketplace

To upload your own token markers for sale on the Marketplace, you'll first want to create a token set on Roll20

  • The ideal size for a token marker is 512 x 512

    • When they get applied to your token, they'll be resized to 48 x 48 or 24x24. All Token Markers should be expected to be viewable at this size. Token Markers that are muddy or unreadable will not be approved for the Roll20 Marketplace.

  • Token markers can be .gif, .png, or .jpeg/.jpg formats.

    • Animated token markers are not supported at this time; if you upload an animated gif, only one frame will be uploaded and displayed.

  • The ideal number of token markers per set is ~50 at $4.99. Creators are free to deviate from this number, but consider it a best practice

    • Note: Token market sets with more than 300 items may not be accepted due to size limitations. Please break up large sets of tokens into smaller sets.
  • We require that at least 15 unique images per set in the marketplace. This does not include color shifts, opacity/or other alterations to the same asset.

  • No more than 5 colorshifts/skins/etc will be allowed in a set, as per the Marketplace Quality Guidelines.

    • There may be some allowances for more when it makes sense - such as distance markers with 5 foot increments. These will need to be clearly described in the items descriptions

  • All Token Markers must be submitted with the expectation that they can be downloaded. Due to the needs for displaying Token Markers, it is very easy for users to download them. Expect that they will do so.

  • All Token Markers must be released under the “Token Marker” category.

Token Marker Set Naming Policy

The Roll20 Marketplace takes both set names AND asset names into consideration when returning results. In order to have the best chance for discoverability on the Roll20 Marketplace, Token Marker Sets should follow these guidelines:

  • Token Marker Set Names should be unique
    • At a minimum "[Artist Name] Token Markers" must be used
  • Be descriptive
    • "happy cloud" is better than "token-marker-63"
  • Use spaces instead of dashes or underscores to separate keywords
  • Use as few words as possible
    • avoid "token-marker-happy-emoji-silver-01" as that will not yield good search results
  • Avoid repeating words in the same set
    • "token marker" or "emoji" will not yield good search results

How to Upload a Custom Token Marker Set to the Marketplace

1. Create a Custom Token Marker Set. If you haven't created one before, follow the instructions for creating Token Marker Sets on Roll20.

Note: No tags are required on individual Token Markers, unlike Art Tokens. Just include a relevant name and you're good to go!

2. Create a New Token Marker Marketplace Item


3. Select the Token Marker from the dropdown of your Token Markers


All Token Markers are assumed to be Downloadable due to the way they are accessed by the platform. Please make sure to select “Yes” under Downloadable.

Please make sure to include the “Item Category: Art > Token Markers” and “Installation: Token Marker” to your category selections


4. Finish your product as usual, and submit!


All done! Great work!

Creating A Bundle with Existing Assets

Many Marketplace Creators have already created “status icons” and other relevant images that would make great Token Markers. We strongly recommend combining the previous Art Token Pack and a new Token Marker set into one bundle at the same price point. We believe this step will foster goodwill with users as they look to use this new VTT feature.

  • Step 1: Create a Token Marker set using the existing Art Token assets, as described above. Verify that the previous assets look good on the preview, and test them in a game. Complex images may not scale down and will then be unsuitable for Token Markers

  • Step 2: Create a Bundle as a Marketplace Item with the same name as the existing Art Token Pack

  • Step 3: Create a Token Marker set on the Marketplace using the set tested in Step 1

  • Step 4: Add in both the existing Art Token and new Token Marker set to the Bundle

  • Step 5: When sending in the approval, please add the following text: “This bundle should replace pack [LINK TO MARKETPLACE ITEM]” - We will handle the details from here!

  • Step 6: If your set is approved, we will update your listing and remove the previous pack as live, verifying that all who purchased the previous pack will now have access to all the products in the Bundle.

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