Dynamic Lighting Requirements & Best Practices

There are a few ways to improve how your system interacts with Dynamic Lighting. If you’re looking for general system recommendations for Roll20, check out Roll20 System Recommendations or Optimizing Roll20 Performance.

Enable WebGL In Your Browser

Dynamic Lighting uses WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering high-performance interactive 3D and 2D graphics without the use of plug-ins. WebGL is available in most computer systems and is supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the browsers for which Roll20 is optimized. 

99.9% of Roll20 users already have WebGL enabled on their systems, and you can test whether it works by clicking this linkIf your system does not support WebGL, you will not be able to access Dynamic Lighting or its features. 

WebGL leverages the power of your computer's graphics processor to make rendering much faster and smoother. We feel that it’s important to note that while many web browsers support WebGL, Chrome and Firefox are the only browsers supported with this release. In addition, Dynamic Lighting has not been tested on Table on Tablet.

Enable Hardware Acceleration In Your Browser

Enabling Hardware Acceleration allows your browser to use additional computer resources to perform more intense tasks. If you enable this setting in your browser, your performance may improve considerably. We also suggest toggling this setting if you experience any unusual Dynamic Lighting instances.

The settings for Hardware Acceleration can be found in your Browser’s advanced settings.

Limit Your Map Intensity

Dynamic Lighting can be taxing on lower performing computers, which can impact your players' experience! Here’s a list of things to use sparingly if any of your players are running on older or low performance computers:

  • Large Map Sizes

  • Many Complex Dynamic Lighting Lines

  • Giving All Tokens Sight On A Heavily Populated Page

  • Explorer Mode

This page is about Dynamic Lighting, a feature exclusive to Plus and Pro subscribers, or to players in a game created by a subscriber. If you'd like to use this feature, consider upgrading your account
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Looking to set up Dynamic Lighting quickly, or need to double check your work?

You can visit the Dynamic Lighting Checklist for a quick and easy walkthrough!

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