Game Invite Troubleshooting

Sometimes issues arise when users are invited to a game. This document aims to help troubleshoot common problems surrounding a game invite.

How do I invite players to my game?

Inviting players to your Roll20 game takes only a few clicks. We'll show you how to invite your players with an email or a copy and pasted link. We also provide resources for new players.

I invited my friend to a game but it isn't working, what do I do?

Often time when a game invite is not working, it's due to the game link changing. The game link will change when adjustments to the player list have been made. You should be able to send them the most recent invite link from your game page or from the game's chat window.

I clicked on an invite link I received, but it says I am not authorized?


Links that direct you to this page are also due to a change in the original link. Reach out to your GM and request another game link.

I want to invite my friend, but I can't find them and I don't know their email.

Reach out to your friend directly and provide a "Share Link" with them so that they can join your game directly.

If you continue to experience issues, contact us through our web form with a link to your Roll20 profile, the invite link that isn't working, and any additional information about the issue you’ve encountered. 


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