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The Dice Roller can dynamically roll any combination of attributes, skills, and powers. There are four quadrants inside the dice roller. The upper left quadrant shows a d10, ten-sided dice. Clicking on this icon will roll with whatever dice roller options you have selected. Underneath the icon in the lower-left quadrant is a quick preview of what attributes, skills, and powers are being rolled. The right quadrants are the roll options, including three methods of dice rolls in the upper right and explosion threshold options in the lower right.


Sheet Roll

A Sheet Roll will use whichever attributes, skills, or powers that are currently checked on the character sheet. To check a stat simply click on its name. You can tell that a stat is checked when it becomes highlighted with its game's color. The sheet is intelligent enough to predict a legal roll. For example, if you have Strength and Athletics selected and then choose a different skill like Brawl, the sheet will deselect Athletics for you.

Both the Vampire and Mage templates have pre-listed powers. You can select them in Sheet Rolls like attributes and skills. For other games, due to a large number of abilities, you'll have to set up your powers and other unusual rolls on Page 2 as described later in this guide.

Attack Roll

An Attack Roll is made using the Weapon/Attack that is currently selected on the bottom of the sheet. The roll is determined by the weapon and edition you're playing.

Type Attribute and Skill
Brawl Strength + Brawling
Melee Strength + Weaponry
Gun Dexterity + Firearms
Thrown Dexterity + Athletics
Brawl* Dexterity + Brawling
Melee* Dexterity + Weaponry


A weapon's damage is either added to the roll in first edition or added as automatic damage if there is a hit in second edition.


Simple Roll

A Simple Roll will query how many dice you want to roll and return the result based on the explosion options selected.

Explosion Options

The Explosion Options in the lower right-hand quadrant of the Dice Roller gives you the ability to adjust what kind of explosion or roll again mechanics apply to your current roll. 

Option Description

A Normal roll will roll the selected dice against a difficulty of eight with results of 10 exploding (rolled again).


A 9-Again roll will roll the selected dice against a difficulty of eight with results of 9 or 10 exploding (rolled again).


A 8-Again roll will roll the selected dice against a difficulty of eight with results of 8, 9, or 10 exploding (rolled again).

Chance A Chance roll will roll once a single die, regardless of the dice pool selected, against a difficulty of 10 with only results of 10 exploding (rolled again).
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