Compendium Selection

You are now able to select which Compendium Expansions you would like to use within each game. This is separate from but works in conjunction with Compendium Sharing. To use this feature, go into your Game Settings Page and expand the Compendium Settings section. Below the Compendium Sharing settings, you will find the list of Compendium Expansions available for selection in your game. Changes made using this feature affects what results appear in the in-game Compendium tab, and what is available via the Charactermancer.

By default, Compendium access is based on your Character Sheet choice. All available Compendium Expansions for that specific game system will be accessible in-app automatically. You can disable and re-enable these manually by clicking on the Compendium Expansion.


1. Available for those who own.

The Compendium Expansions with a white background and a checkmark will be available for use in-game for anyone that owns them. There is a PURCHASE button in the right corner that will take you to the Marketplace page for the product, should you wish to buy it.

2. Available and you own. Will be shared or not shared with other players according to your Compendium Sharing settings.
Compendium Expansions you own and are allowing access to within the game will be green with a checkmark. In order to share these with players, you will need to enable Compendium Sharing.
3. Not Available.
Clicking on a Compendium Expansion will mark it as Not Available. The box will be red with an X icon. This will disable in-game access to this compendium for anyone that owns it, including the Game Master.

You can change your Compendium selections at any point. Simply go back to the Game Settings page and Compendium Settings section. Once you’ve reselected your options, refresh your game and it will reflect the changes.


Any new products will be automatically enabled. Please check your Compendium Settings after purchase to ensure you’re allowing only the preferred compendiums in that game.

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