Burn Bryte Character Sheet: NPC Ship

NPC Ship Sheet

This article shows the NPC Ship sheets from the Compendium as well as how to create and use your own.


Compendium NPC Ship Sheet

  1. Name

    1. The name or type of ship.

  1. The Basic Information

    1. This lists the ship’s HP, shields, speed, size, and challenge level. Ships have different challenge levels to help you build combat encounters (see “Encounter Building” for more information).

  1. Attacks

    • Every possible attack the NPC can make will be listed here with the details on what type of damage, the range, and what happens on a successful hit.
  1. Special Abilities

    • Any special abilities will be listed here with the description of what the ability does. 
  1. Description

    • The description gives the basic background for the ship type, where it’s commonly found, and what it’s most often used for.

Create Your Own NPC Ship


This sheet is used for adventure NPC ships as well as when making your own.

  1. The Basic Information

    • The name or type of ship, the Power Level (determines the dice of attack rolls and the Challenge Level), and the ship size. For ships size 3 and larger, this size is not to scale with the player characters’ ship and simply how they should be represented on the ship combat map.
  1. HP and Shield Charges

    • Tracks the ship’s HP and shield charges.
  1. Speed

    • Each ship’s speed is represented in zones instead of squares.
  1. Allied Ship

    • There are times the player characters’ ship fights alongside other vessels with common goals. The rules for a ship allied with the player characters change from an enemy ship fighting against the player characters in the following ways:
    • Ships allied with the player characters can move, take one action, and have that action resolve during Phase 2. If the action requires a skill roll, the roll has a complexity of 2. The skill die size for the allied ship’s action depends on the ship’s power rating. Minion ships use a d4, weak ships use a d6, standard ships use a d8, formidable ships use a d10, and epic ships use a d12.
    • A ship allied with the player characters cannot use Collapse points. Instead, the ship can spend Advantages in place of the Collapse points with the permission of all the players to activate an ability that normally requires Collapse points or to take an extra action on its turn. If this extra action requires a skill roll, it has a complexity equal to 2 plus the number of actions the allied ship has already taken this turn.
    • When a ship allied with the player characters fails a skill roll, it suffers the consequences of failure as normal or the GM can instead choose to gain 1 Collapse point.
  1. Attacks

    1. Similar to NPC character attacks, the attack section details the type of attack, damage, and action upon a successful hit.
  1. Special Abilities

    1. These are abilities the NPC ship can use against the players.
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