Burn Bryte Charactermancer

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Using the Roll20 Charactermancer for Burn Bryte will streamline your character creation and get you into Olaxis faster.


To open the Charactermancer, start by adding a brand new character and selecting “Create a PC Sheet.”  Once you do, a screen will appear asking you whether or not you want to use the Charactermancer. Simply click “Yes” to get started!



Each page of the Charatermancer is structured pretty simply:

  1. There are tabs on the top to quickly navigate between pages (Species, Skills, Review, etc.). 
  2. There are three buttons on the bottom for additional navigation within the Charactermancer:
    • Opt Out” will allow you to exit the Charactermancer and discard your changes.
    • Back to Top” will direct you back to the top of the current page.
    • Next” will take you to the next page.

There are informational (i) buttons next to certain input fields and sections, which can be clicked to learn more about the associated input field or section.

Here are the available pages within the Charactermancer itself:


When you open the Charactermancer, you'll be greeted with the Welcome Page (see above). This page introduces you to the Galaxy of Olaxis and the process of creating your character. 



  1. Character Name
    • When naming your character, be sure to check out the details in the right-hand column. Each species has interesting and unique naming conventions. Of course, you are welcome to use or ignore any of these and name your character whatever you wish.
  1. Species
    • Select your choice of playable Olaxis species from a dropdown menu.
  1. Distinctions
    • If available, select a distinction from the dropdown menu. Only the Ino and Glean species have distinctions; they have no effect on your stats but are important to crafting your character's personality. 



  1. Culture
    • Choose a predetermined culture from the dropdown menu. Doing so will automatically fill out the rest of the fields on the page. Otherwise, select the “Custom” option within the dropdown to fill out custom values for everything on the page.
  1. Borders
    • The border type decides how often your culture allows outsiders and visitors to the region. Each one gives different bonuses to your character.
  1. Density
    • The density of your culture will give you a specific perk.
  1. Diversity
    • Diversity indicates how many different species live and work together. Each type gives various bonuses.
  1. Economics
    • The economic status of your culture will determine your starting argent and potentially give you a different bonus as well.



  1. Story Path

    • Select a story path from the dropdown menu. Each story path will populate unique events for that particular path. 
  1. Events

    • Complete events to earn rewards and progress your particular story! Each event is organized as follows: 
      • Event Name
      • Completed Checkbox
        • Note: Characters can be created with completed Story Paths if your group has decided to play a more high-powered game. 
        • Click this checkbox to designate the event as completed. Once you do, you will be prompted to select a reward for finishing that event. Rewards can range from new special abilities, to skill dice size increases and more.
      • Description
        • Find the detailed information on the selected Story Path, the Events, their rewards, and the potential outcomes for the completed Story here.



  1. Navigation Bar:

    • Click on the “prev” and “next” buttons to navigate between Mental, Physical, and Social Skills.
  1. Skills Table: mceclip6.png

    • The information (i) buttons beside each skill will pull up the Compendium entry for that skill.
    • Skill Name - The name of the associated skill.
    • Checkbox – Click this to use points from “Any” skill pool instead of the pool designated for the currently selected skill type (Mental, Physical, or Social).
    • Dice size – This dropdown menu contains the dice sizes. Selecting a dice from this dropdown will take a die away from the currently selected skill's pool. You can select the “any” checkbox to instead take away from the “Any” dice pool.
    • +1 Any – Increase your dice size by this many points – taken from the “Any” and “+1” dice pools.
    • +1 This Skill type (Mental, Physical, or Social) – Increase your dice size by this many points – taken from the current skill pool.
    • Dice size -- This is current dice size for each skill. Once your character is complete, these will be click-to-roll buttons on your character sheet.
  1. Points Pool:

    • This contains the number of dice you have, organized by size and skill category.
    • The “Any” category are dice that can be distributed to any skill by checking the Any box or using the +1 Any entries in the Skill Table (see above).
    • Every character will have allocations for larger-sided dice in specific categories.
    • If at any point you choose the wrong dice size or too many of a size, a negative number will populate in the category where you made the mistake.
    • Having negative or positive numbers in your points pool will prompt a warning should you try to go to the next category.



  1. Navigation Bar:

    • Click “prev” or “next” to swap between Special Abilities and Nova Abilities. These fields behave in the same manner as described below. 
  1. Ability Section:

    • Species
      • Designates the species for the special ability. This field is typically read-only based on your Character’s species, but in special cases, such as certain Driftling abilities, it will be a dropdown menu for selecting the specific species.
    • Ability
      • Name of the ability
    • Prerequisites
      • Lists the abilities you must have in order to use this ability. If the prerequisites are not met, this box will be outlined red.
    • Description
      • Describes the ability.
  1. Ability Dropdown:

    • Beyond the free Species ability, you will be able to choose from the dropdown menu. Once selected, the same fields will be filled out as with the Species Abilities (Ability name, Prerequisites, and Description).



  1. Equipment Table:

    • Info (i) button

      • Click to learn more about the item itself.

    • Name

      • The name of the item.

    • Price

      • The cost of the item in Argent.

    • No. Purchased

      • The amount of this particular item you have purchased.

  1. Argent Remaining:

    • How much Argent you have left to spend. This amount will be automatically updated as you increase or decrease the amount of any item you purchase. When you click Next on the bottom, a prompt will warn you that any leftover Argent will be sent to the group chat as a dice roll. Your GM should keep track of this in your party's ship sheet. 

Note: Argent is the standard currency used in the galaxy of Olaxis (see “Currency in Olaxis”).



  1. Navigation Bar:

    • Click “Previous” or “Next” to switch between Review pages.
    • Click “Return to [X] page” to quickly return to the designated page.
  1. Page Overview

    • An overview will be displayed of the choices you made on all previous pages. The inputs are read-only, so if you want to change them, you will need to go back to the associated page itself. The only exception is the Equipment review; there is a button for Share Leftover Argent in case your GM missed recording the amount the first time. Be sure to read each section over carefully. 

  1. “Finish” button

    • The best button in the entirety of the Charactermancer -- click this to finish your character and start playing Burn Bryte!
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