Burn Bryte Character Sheet: PC Ship

This article goes over the details on the players’ ship and how to use its character sheet.

PC Ship Sheet


  1. Spaceship Name

    • Let’s be real, this is the most important part of any ship, right? Here, you determine the name of your ship and its Magical Intelligence.
  1. Health Level and Shield Charges

    • This is to track the ship’s health level (current and max) and shield levels. The health of the ship is determined by the Magical Intelligence (MI) that runs the ship. When the ship takes damage from enemy attacks, the health levels of the MI might decrease. If the MI’s health levels are reduced to 0, the ship goes dark and the MI dies. When the ship goes dark, the engines, cockpit, and all modules stop working but the life support systems have enough power to keep functioning for 10 days. When an enemy ship’s MI health levels are reduced to 0, it is up to the creature who made the attack that reduced the MI health levels to 0 if the enemy ship is destroyed or if it goes dark.
  1. Livability

    • Keep track of the livability of your ship. The ship is home for the player characters. Being crammed into a ship full of turrets and weapons is not a great standard of living. If the player characters do not have good places to rest on their ship, they cannot be at their best. This dynamic is represented in the ship’s Livability Rating. Mechanically speaking, the player characters cannot gain more Advantages or individual Nova points than the Livability Rating of their ship. If the player characters want to increase the Livability Rating of their ship, they can purchase and equip modules that help make it a nicer place to live.
  1. Unsealed Argent

    • Unsealed argent is the amount of argent to which the team has immediate access (see "Currency in Olaxis").
  1. Sealed Argent

    • This is the amount of argent the team has decided to seal away in order to let the colony grow. The player characters can seal away as much as they like. The amount increases 10 percent every 100 days the argent remains sealed (see “Currency in Olaxis”).
  1. Ship Modules

    1. Here is where you keep track of your Ship Modules. It contains the Ship Module name, the size of the module (how many squares it takes up within the ship), and its effect description. The plus sign (+) and pencil icon will allow you to edit, reorder, or delete entries. You are also able to drag and drop Ship Modules directly from the Compendium onto your Ship Sheet.
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