Token Settings

Ready to take your adventure to the next level with Updated Dynamic Lighting?

“How do I get started?”

First, you’ll want to double-click the token you want to edit. From there, select the Dynamic Lighting tab to view the various lighting and vision settings.


You’ll need to enable settings on each individual token in order for Updated Dynamic Lighting to work. 

Note: Under the Basic tab in a token, you’ll find the "Controlled By" field (under the “Name” field on the left side of the window). If you want your players to be able to move their token and see, you’ll need to assign their respective tokens to them.

“What is vision?”

The vision toggle gives tokens (and the players assigned to them) the ability to see. You’ll find further vision settings directly under that toggle. A token cannot see if this toggle is not turned on. When a token has vision, it can only see up to the edge of what is illuminated by light sources. 

“What are the vision settings?”


Night Vision
  • Allows your token to see in total darkness, up to however many feet you specify.
  • Note: Once enabled, you can even adjust the color of your Night Vision using the Tint Color option, or add a cool sharpening of your Night vision range with the Sharpen Effect toggle. The new Dimming effect will also allow for dim Night Vision past the distance set.
Night Vision Effects
  • This option provides alternative functionality to the Night Vision effect.
  • Dimming causes the vision area of the selected token to become dim Night Vision
  • 10 feet of Dimming will have the inner ten feet of Night Vision appear bright while any amount left over will appear dim from that distance onward to the end of the night vision area.
  • On Sharpen: As of May 2021, the Sharpen affect for Night Vision was removed. This was so we could further development in other areas of Dynamic Lighting. 
Limit Field of Vision
  • This option limits your vision to an arc from the chosen center of a Token. This is perfect for those who want a more "realistic" depiction of sight where the token/character can only see what's in front of them.
New! Nocturnal Vision
  • Nocturnal Vision is a new mode that mimics DnD5e and PF2e rules for Darkvision. When enabled, tokens will have Low Light in No Light areas, and Low Light areas will appear Brightly Lit. 
  • This vision can be tinted with any color, though we suggest a grey tint if you’re attempting to make things appear monochrome.

“How do I make a token produce light?”

If you want to better immerse your players into the world you’ve created, you can give objects (like torches) or even players the ability to emit light!


Bright Light
  • Allows a token to emit a bright light up to a certain specified amount in feet.
  • Note: Bright Light on its own has a feathered "edge" starting at 1/2 of a grid cell before the edge of the bright light.
Low Light
  • Allows tokens to emit a gentle, low light, up to a specified amount in feet. Low Light gradually fades out starting at its origin to the edge of its field.
Directional Light
  • Limits the emitted light to a certain radial degree from the center of a token.
  • Note: This is perfect for certain light types that have a limited light cone, like a flashlight!
Total Light
  • Displays the total amount of light (Bright Light AND Low Light) being emitted from a token, with the token’s light radius starting with Bright Light and ending with Low Light.

“What’s in the ‘Advanced Settings’ dropdown?”

In the dropdown at the bottom of the Dynamic Lighting tab, you’ll find the Light Multiplier. This feature allows users to change the token’s radius of light by percentage.

For example, setting the Light Multiplier to 200% will let the Token see light from twice it's set radius.

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