How to Setup a Game for Updated Dynamic Lighting

Are you ready to illuminate your adventure? You've come to the right place! Updated Dynamic Lighting is a lighting system that updates players’ lines of sight in real-time, as you play. It’s available to our Pro and Plus subscribers. Below, we've put together a simple reference on how to get started with our new Updated Dynamic Lighting system.

“I’ve never used Dynamic Lighting before.”

  • “I want to enable Updated Dynamic Lighting in my game.” (Page Settings)
  • “I want to give my tokens vision/sight.” (Token Settings)
  • “I want to create barriers to control what my players can see.” (Creating Barriers)

“I’m familiar with the original (or ‘Legacy’) Dynamic Lighting system.”

  • “I want to convert my game from Legacy Dynamic Lighting to Updated Dynamic Lighting.” (Convert Lighting Tool)

“I want to learn more about Dynamic Lighting.”

  • “Can I set up preferences so I don’t have to manually recreate my preferred settings every time I set up a game?” (Default Settings)
  • “I’m a programmer and I’d like to use the API to customize my Updated Dynamic Lighting experience.” (API Settings)
  • “What is the Darkness Tool? How can it enhance my gameplay?” (Darkness Tool)
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