Burn Bryte Creator Documentation


Burn Bryte, the game IP and system created entirely by Roll20, was launched in July 2020. Roll20 has the unique opportunity to allow our Marketplace Creators to create Marketplace Product with specific allowance to the creative property in a way that we have never had before. 

For the time being, we are using strict guidelines for what can be created for Burn Bryte. In the future, we will be releasing our own open licensing agreement (coming 2021) which will allow more flexibility. Thank you for your interest in creating Burn Bryte content for the Roll20 Marketplace!

If you have any additional questions, please submit a request to our Webform with the subject line “Burn Bryte Marketplace Product,” and we’ll get back to you. This document is a living document and we will continue to update it as we answer questions or update what can be used in Marketplace Product.


  • Roll20 seeks to include independent creations that further the play experience of Burn Bryte. Burn Bryte is Colorful! Exciting! Adventurous! Sci-Fi! Character-Driven! Roll20 reserves the right to send back content that is in stark conflict with the themes of the system, including racism, homophobia, graphic violence, etc., just as with any other Marketplace content.
  • Only Roll20 Marketplace Creators may create Burn Bryte content, and it may only be distributed through the Roll20 Marketplace.
  • The 8 Core Species may be depicted freely, along with all existing Creatures, Items, and Vehicles, such as Blipps, Laser Beasts, Jet Bikes, Slicer Kits, and so on.
  • New ship illustrations may be created for named Ships in the Core Rulebook. PC ships must match the feel of the Roll20 Map assets including specific available Module Slots (i.e. you may recreate the exterior and interior look of the Wanderer, but it must match the dimensions of the Roll20 produced version)
  • The Organizations, Religions, Planets, Locations, as described in the Burn Bryte Core Rulebook, are available for Roll20 Marketplace Creators to use in Roll20 Marketplace items. 
  • Unique Locations may be created for tokens, map tile sets, and map addons using Dynamic Lighting
  • New descriptions of Creatures and Items may be created, following the Core Rulebook templates. We recommend using the names from the book for tokens if no descriptions are included (i.e. a handful of tokens named Animal, Formidable for different biomes).
  • New Adventure Content may be created for Burn Bryte
  • Token Markers, Animations, and other Roll20 Marketplace items may be created for Burn Bryte. These must use specific Burn Bryte content and not be rebranded existing sets. We anticipate sales of generic sci-fi to be linked with Burn Bryte, and want to keep the tag specifically for Burn Bryte content.


  • Ki may not be depicted openly at this time.
  • No new Character Species, Story Paths, or Ships may be created for the Marketplace at this time.
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