How to Become a Translation Volunteer

Looking to become a translation volunteer for Roll20? You're in the right place! We use Crowdin to crowdsource and manage translations for various aspects of our site. Check out our guide below to help us make Roll20 accessible in as many languages as possible!

"I want to translate Character Sheets." 

  1. Create a new Crowdin account, or log in to an existing account.
  2. Join the project which contains the Character Sheet content you want to translate.
  3. Start translating!

"I want to translate the Roll20 main site." 

  1. Submit a request via this form!
  2. If you are approved, you will be given access to the Crowdin project for the main site translations.
  3. Start translating!

"I have a question or concern about translations/Crowdin."

We're here to help! Contact our support team via this link and we'll get you squared away as soon as possible.

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