What Is Dynamic Lighting?

Are you ready to illuminate your adventure? You've come to the right place! Dynamic Lighting is a lighting system that updates players’ lines of sight in real-time, as you play. It’s available to our Pro and Plus subscribers. Below, we've put together a quick reference on how to get started with the Roll20 Dynamic Lighting system.


Dynamic Lighting is a surefire way to bring suspense and intrigue to your dungeon crawls, but our community has found fun and inventive ways to make Dynamic Lighting work for their games!

An Immersive Experience For Your Players

Setting up Dynamic Lighting is simple, but only once you’ve gotten the hang of it! Setup is comprised of two phases: building your map, and readying your tokens. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to let your players loose!

We’ve got a whole array of Dynamic Lighting features to customize lighting for your table, and a suite of articles here in our Help Center to get you up and running. Here are some recommendations to get you started.


“I only want to know the most important parts of Dynamic Lighting”

“I’ve never used Dynamic Lighting before.”

“I’m familiar with the original (or ‘Legacy’) Dynamic Lighting system.”

  • "I'm looking for instructions on how to use Legacy Dynamic Lighting!" (Legacy Lighting)
  • “I want to convert my game from Legacy Dynamic Lighting to Dynamic Lighting.” (Convert Lighting Tool)

“I want to learn more about Dynamic Lighting.”

  • “Can I set up preferences so I don’t have to manually recreate my preferred settings every time I set up a game?” (Default Settings)

  • “I’m a programmer and I’d like to use Mods (API) to customize my Dynamic Lighting experience.” (Mod (API) Settings)

This page is about Dynamic Lighting, a feature exclusive to Plus and Pro subscribers, or to players in a game created by a subscriber. If you'd like to use this feature, consider upgrading your account
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Looking to set up Dynamic Lighting quickly, or need to double check your work?

You can visit the Dynamic Lighting Checklist for a quick and easy walkthrough!

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