Compendium Entries in Journal Tab FAQs

As of 08/20/2021, multiple Compendium entries of the same name can exist in your Journal tab. This page addresses the most common questions/concerns from this release.

Why are there icons/abbreviations/source information in my Journal tab now?

To distinguish the entries, we mark all entries in your Journal tab with the associated source information, publisher icon, and book title abbreviation, if available. You can read more in our Help Center article Linking Between Journal Entries

Can I remove or hide the icons/abbreviations/source information in my Journal tab?

There is no way to hide that information at this time. If you would like to see us add the ability to do so, please visit our Suggestions and Ideas Forum

I’m having trouble linking Journal entries that have the same name. What’s the problem?

With the update, it is not possible to link to journal entries of the same name at this time. However, we are planning on addressing this in a future update.

I have multiple entries of the same name in the Journal tab, but some have the icons/abbreviations/source information and others do not. What gives?

Games created before 8/20/21 which add Compendium entries of the same name will have duplicate entries in their Journal, and one of the entries will not have the source information mentioned above. To address, simply delete the unneeded entry from your Journal.

Why does this update not allow me to drag and drop spells/items/entries of the same name to a character sheet?

This release focused on fixing the issue for the workflow of dragging and dropping spells/items/entries to your Journal. Other workflows, like dragging and dropping to a character sheet, will have to be addressed in a future update.


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