Lighting Tools

The Lighting Tools on the toolbar are the building blocks for lighting your dungeons with Dynamic Lighting. Placing Lights, Windows, and Doors are all part of the Toolbar for easy access! 

Placing Lights


The place light tool will create a light emitting token on whatever layer you currently have selected. That token will emit Bright Light for 20 feet and Low Light for 20 feet. After placement- the light settings can be changed in the token settings like any other Token.

Placing Doors


Some doors are locked, some are open, and some are even secret! Place doors easily with this Toolbar button, and learn more about Doors in our Placing Doors & Windows article.

Placing Windows


Windows allow players to view the room next to them, and they can even move through open ones. To learn about the three editable variables for Windows, check out our Placing Doors & Windows article. 

This button is only available to Plus + Pro subscribers, and only when you're in GM mode in a game. 


This page is about Dynamic Lighting, a feature exclusive to Plus and Pro subscribers, or to players in a game created by a subscriber. If you'd like to use this feature, consider upgrading your account
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Looking to set up Dynamic Lighting quickly, or need to double check your work?

You can visit the Dynamic Lighting Checklist for a quick and easy walkthrough!

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