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Q: When will compendium be available?

A: The compendium is available for D&D 5th Edition! Any purchased content will appear alongside the SRD. We are continuing to iterate and improve upon this offering!

Q: Where is the VTT?

A: The VTT is not accessible through the app. Our current focus is towards enabling in-person experiences and providing access to character sheets.

Q: Can I view the map / Journal / Jukebox?

A: These features aren’t included in this release, but be sure to keep an eye on our product board for an idea of some of what we’re working on next.

Q: Can I use Macros I have made in the app / Rollable Tables / Card Decks?

A: These features aren’t included at the moment.

Q: Can I stream video/voice through the app? Can I use the mobile app to chat?

A: Still a-ways out from including these features. We’ll let you know as development progresses.

Q: Can I use the mobile app to make simple rolls without a sheet? (i.e. rolling 2d10)

A: You still require access to a character sheet, but you are able to create custom rolls however you like!

Q: Can I look at the history of rolls or chat?

A: Not yet, but this is being considered for the app’s development.

D&D 5e Character Sheet by Roll20 Features

Q: Can I use the Charactermancer?

A: Not at the moment, but we’ll be bringing new features to the app as development continues.

Q: Where are things like Personality Traits / Ideals / Bonds / Flaws / Bio?

A: Not implemented just yet. These are on our roadmap and will be included as development continues.

Q: Can I edit my character in the app?

A: Not as of yet, this will also be worked on in the course of future development. Currently, you will need to make edits from the character within the VTT itself.

Q: Are systems other than D&D5e going to be supported?

A: Yep! No specific dates or systems announced for that yet, but we want to make sure we get the D&D5e sheet nailed down first to better support other systems moving forward. Please check our product board here to keep up with us on where we’re going next.

Q: Why is my initiative not being sent to the tracker?

A: This is a known limitation and something that we are going to address in the future.


Q: I'm interested! Where do I find links to download the app?

A: Click on this link and it will have links for the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Q: I’ve encountered a bug / something isn’t working right!

A: Thanks for finding it! We’d like to ask you to grab screenshots from in-app that help illustrate the problem you’ve found, and what version of the app you’re using. Afterwards, you should be able to scroll down in-app and report the bug there, where we’ll do our best to assist you.

Q: I’m a GM & this is made for players. What am I supposed to test or use here?

A: The app in its current incarnation is primarily player-focused. As a GM, you can potentially use this as a tool to help and to experience the app from a player’s perspective.

Q: What operating systems and devices are supported?

A: We support devices running Android 7.0 and up and iOS devices running iOS 14 and up.

Q: Can I use this app offline?

A: Nope, this needs online functionality just like the VTT does. We are looking at implementing offline features potentially in the future.

Q: What is the goal of this app?

A: Enable in person gaming, and to help in accommodating for those who do not have a desktop or laptop to be able to play games on Roll20.

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