Map Grid Types

Grids are used for marking token distance and location in many TTRPGs and board games! While many more inventive uses have been created by our community for their own games- in this article we'll go over the different types of grids available, so you can decide which works best for you!

To enable or disable the grid on a page, toggle the Enabled button under the Grid category of your Page Settings.

Square Grid:


This is the default grid style- and great for 2d birds eye view maps and encounters. You can change the Cell Width and Measurement Style (which you can learn more about on the Ruler page of the Help Center).

Hex Grid [V&H]:


Hex maps are a hexagonal grid that can either stretch Horizontally (H) or Vertically (V) across your map. They're great for larger area maps and board games! There are two measurement styles for Hex Grids: Euclidean and Manhattan. With Hex grids, you can also display labels in each of the cells for easy communication mid-session. 

[PRO] Dimetric & Isometric:


Isometric grids are a great way to bring a three-dimensional feel to your encounters! There are two types of isometric grids available to choose from: Isometric and Dimetric.

  • With Isometric grid, the top and bottom angles of the tiles are 120 degrees- which means it's easy to use art application's true isometric angle tools to create your maps.
  • With Dimetric grid, the top and bottom tile angles are 126.87 degrees- which works great for traditional pixel art styles from video games.

We encourage you to experiment with both to discover which you prefer in your games- both options are available to you!

Dimetric and Isometric grids are a feature exclusive to Pro subscribers, or to players in a game created by a Pro subscriber. If you'd like to use this feature, consider upgrading your account.


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