Why Become a Marketplace Creator?

Marketplace Creators help enhance the adventures of millions of Roll20 users on a flexible schedule, earning money doing what they love while contributing positively to their community. 

The information below describes the relationship between Roll20 and independent Creators. For information about Publisher opportunities, click here. To review the difference between Publishers and Creators, click here

What do Creators sell?  

The Marketplace sells polished, premium content that players purchase to use on Roll20. Common examples include creature Tokens, battlemaps, and short adventure content. You can see the full list of Marketplace Categories (with examples of each) here

How does the Marketplace support independent Creators? 

The Marketplace serves as a distribution center, allowing Creators a platform from which to expose their content to millions of Roll20 users, as well as a convenient central hub to share externally with supporters or prospective purchasers.

By controlling the frequency of releases and variety of catalog offerings, Creators publish based on their personal needs and schedules. Some enjoy a slow-and-steady approach that offers a source of supplemental income while accomodating their busy schedules, while others operate their storefronts full-time, drawing their total income solely from Roll20 contributions. 

What are the terms and fees associated with selling content on Roll20?

Creators retain ownership of 100% of their work, and take home 70% of all sales.

Roll20 applies the remaining 30% to distribution, advertising, hosting, and credit card transaction fees. There are no exclusivity requirements, therefore Creators are welcome to also sell their content on their own websites, Patreon, etc. without penalty.

The Roll20 Marketplace is structured around the following beliefs:

  • If content is worth hosting, it takes effort to make, and that effort deserves compensation. 
  • Free content can undervalue paid content, hurting other creators, so we enforce pricing standards across the Marketplace.
    • There are some limited exceptions to this philosophy (such as Adventure Previews from select publishers), but these core beliefs have made the Marketplace what it is today

When are Creators Paid? 

All creators owed are paid on or before the seventh of every month. All payments are issued via PayPal and a valid PayPal email is required to sell on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Will Roll20 send Creators Tax Documents? 

No, Creators will not receive Tax forms (including 1099) from Roll20. PayPal is responsible for sending documents to those paid via PayPal. The instructions to find documents can be found here.  

Ready to Apply?  

Head on over to our Applying to Sell on the Marketplace article for everything you need to know. 

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