Crowdfunding and Patreon Reward Fulfillment

Roll20 works with Creators and Publishers on an individual basis to support Crowdfunding and Patreon Reward fulfillment requests. Roll20 is able, upon approval, to provide redemption codes to be shared with backers and Patrons.

Support Terms and Conditions 

In order to receive Roll20 support for a Crowdfunding Campaign or Patreon Reward, Creators and Publishers must follow these guidelines:

  • Use of the Roll20 trademark without our authorization is not allowed.
  • Do not promise access to Roll20 rewards without prior authorization.
    • Doing so may result in Roll20 requesting that the platform removes the content.
  • Creators/Publishers must have released at least one completed similar product on the Roll20 Marketplace OR be 80% through the product build so Roll20 can conduct a quality approval
  • Roll20 must approve all language concerning Roll20 support before the campaign or reward goes live.
  • Creators/Publishers will be invoiced for all requested redemption codes. 
  • Stretch Goals are only accepted for Character Sheet development, not product conversions. Roll20 product must be considered as a part of the base campaign, and never a stretch goal.

How to submit a support request 

  • If you would like to request Roll20 support for your Crowdfunding Campaign or Patreon, please contact us through our web form by selecting "Roll20 Collaboration" and setting the Collaboration Type to "Crowdfunding or Patreon Fulfillment".

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