Promoting Your Published Content

The majority of discovery of Marketplace products comes from individual Creators implementing thoughtful branding, generating interest from the Roll20 user base through regular releases, and communication with existing supporters.

Here are some ways that you can promote your content and grow your audience naturally:

Self-Promotion Fundamentals

Announce your presence

New to Roll20? Compose a press release and send it to your contacts to announce the debut of your content on the Marketplace! Include a short bio, plenty of images, and a link to your Marketplace Page.

Release new products frequently

The Marketplace Home Page, aka the "What's New" page features five of the most-recently-activated Marketplace titles from various Item Categories. 


Clicking "view all" will display all items in that Category, sorted by default from New - Old. Releasing new items consistently increases your chances of having a presence on the first few pages of the Marketplace, which is where users are most likely to browse when not shopping for something specific. 



Consistent Branding

In addition to the name recognition that accompanies a frequent release cadence, thoughtful branding of your cover images will allow greater opportunity for users to identify your products on sight. Standardizing the formatting and placement of certain elements such as a logo, title, and subtitle will provide consistency and an aesthetically pleasing Publisher Page. 


Communicate with your supporters

Do you already have a blog or mailing list? Are you active in community groups on Facebook or Discord, or on Social Media via Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok? Be sure to announce your releases and provide links to where your community can buy them! Those same links should also be featured on your personal website.

Engage your audience

Consider incorporating behind-the-scenes content (progress images/video) and providing opportunities for interactive participation such as suggestions or voting to keep the attention of your audience and promote engagement. Encourage users to tag you when they use your products on the VTT so you can re-share and build a gallery showing off your content in use. 

Increase the likelihood of Roll20 Marketing Support 

The Roll20 Marketing Team looks for specific hashtags and mentions on social media (@roll20app and #roll20creator) and re-shares some posts on our channels. Make sure to tag us on all social media posts in order to increase the likelihood that we see your posts. We prefer posts to stories as they are easier to share on both Facebook and Instagram. 


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