Marketplace Sellers: Creators and Publishers

Roll20 sells content from both independent Creators and Licensed Publishers. Below, we discuss how we differentiate between the two. 


Our Creator community is a robust collection of artists, mapmakers, adventure writers, and more. We support Creators in bringing their TTRPG accessories and adventures to the Roll20 Marketplace.

You are likely a Creator if you are an individual looking to publish Token Markers, Token Sets, Map Packs, Modules, or Addons - each of which you can learn more about here. Although our Creators are from all over the world, you must be eligible to work in the US to apply. You will be required to fill out a W-9 (US) or a W-8BEN (International) to confirm your eligibility. 

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Creator here

Learn how to apply to be a Creator here


Roll20 works with Publishers of all sizes to integrate their existing and upcoming game systems on the virtual tabletop (VTT).  

You are likely a Publisher if you are looking to convert an existing or upcoming book or game onto the VTT via Compendium Expansions or Character Sheet Integrations.

Learn more about the services available to Publishers here

Learn how to apply to be a Publisher here

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